Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert Share Valuable Acting Tips

Tom Hanks Late Show - H 2016
Timothy Kuratek/CBS

After covering Tom Hanks' new building named after him and eating cereal with Bailey's as milk, the actor joined Stephen Colbert in moving on to more serious topics. 

On Thursday's Late Show, the Hologram for the King star passed on some advice from his years in the acting business in a segment called "On Your Mark, Get Set, Act, with Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert."

"We're top-notch actors," Colbert said, telling Hanks how his Oscars and Colbert's Emmys "are basically the same" and that Colbert wanted to help kids "get up to our level." In the featured segment, they both shared tips, which included how to "flail your arms" to show sadness and how to properly film a love scene. 

"Crying scenes are tough," was Hanks' advice. "Personally, onions make me cry. So when I have to cry, I think of a dead onion." 

"If you're having trouble inhabiting a character," said Colbert, "just ask important questions like, 'What's my character's name?'" 

"All the best actors know that emotions live in the arms," Colbert said. "If you are scared, flail your arms around in terror. If you are sad, flail your arms around sadly." 

"If you're doing a love scene, make sure the director and the cameras are there," Hanks advised. "Otherwise, you're just having sex."