Tom Hanks Goes Ego-Crazy on Colbert, Conquering NYC TV Shows (Video)

Tom Hanks Colbert Report - H 2012

Tom Hanks Colbert Report - H 2012

New Yorkers, fear not: if you thought you saw a mustachioed Tom Hanks operating your subway or pouring you coffee at the corner bodega this week, there's a pretty good chance that you're not going crazy.

The two-time Oscar winner has been all over Manhattan over the past seven days, out in full force to promote his new film Cloud Atlas. Always a welcomed presence on TV talk shows, the affable Hanks took the charm assault to a new level over the past seven days -- though it began with, well, an F-bomb on family friendly morning television -- and finished up his Magical NYstery Tour with an appearance on The Colbert Report Thursday night.

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Playing off his nice guy image, he participated in a Halloween sketch that featured loads of kids trick or treating. It soon became apparent, though, that they were all dressed like various characters from Hanks' long filmography (weirdly, none from Bosom Buddies). This time around, it seems, he wasn't just promoting Cloud Atlas, but also trying to goose DVD sales for all of his other films -- a sign royalties are still where it's at.

Here's a look back at Hanks' week in NYC, which also included some slam poetry on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a debate cameo on SNL, and a professed love for Newt Gingrich on Late Show with David Letterman.

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