'Tomorrow People' Star Luke Mitchell Reveals Season 1 Secrets

"Things get hectic pretty quickly," the Australian actor tells THR.
The CW
"The Tomorrow People"

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

Only one episode of The CW's The Tomorrow People has aired but if you watched the revealing trailer previewing the first eight, a lot is in store.

In fact, they are "tumultuous," Australian actor Luke Mitchell tells The Hollywood Reporter. Like many of the characters on the U.S. update, everybody -- including John Young, leader of the Tomorrow People -- has secrets. 

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"Things get hectic pretty quickly and it becomes a lot more interesting one you find out more about John's backstory," Mitchell says, hinting that the fourth episode will be key. "A bombshell is dropped, I guess you can say." Even so, John's "recent history" continues to be unveiled in episodes eight and nine, with Mitchell describing it as "dark" and "sad."

In a chat with THR, Mitchell breaks down those spoiler-y moments in the new trailer and what to expect from the season.

John's past comes to light: "You'll meet someone from his past. You'll get to find out more about his relationship with Jedekiah, which are already raising eyebrows. People are asking 'Are they this? Are they that?' " Mitchell says. "You won't find out the full extent of that relationship until further down the track but you'll find out more about it in episode four."

The search for a traitor: "That happens in a very epic episode. The episode starts off quite mildly and the Tomorrow People make a choice to do something -- John gets outnumbered, outvoted -- that puts everyone in danger," he says. "And ultimately, they find out that it was one of them that double-crossed. Things get very tense down in the subway once the realization comes to pass. It becomes a manhunt."

Stephen, John and Cara love triangle: "It's going to be very interesting to see who the viewers prefer people to be with," he says. "John and Cara are a couple but the question is are they the best suitors for each other. And that's definitely going to be tested throughout the series. It's a very interesting dynamic: John being the older guy, Stephen being the younger guy and Cara being in the middle."

What about that Stephen and Cara kiss? It complicates things between John and Cara, to say the least. "That's a massive bombshell, isn't it?" Mitchell says. "The interesting thing in that storyline is whether John finds out or not. If he does find out, how does he find out and how does he react? That is going to be the points of interest."

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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