'Tomorrow People': Robbie Amell on the Kill Switch, 'Love Square' and 'Big Betrayal'

In a chat with THR, the actor shares five teases for the final two episodes of the season.
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"The Tomorrow People"

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Monday's episode of The Tomorrow People, "Kill Switch"]

Two episodes are left in The Tomorrow People's season and the war is in full effect.

Last week's episode ended with an explosive sacrifice, with Ultra operative Hillary blowing herself up in the Founder's office. A rogue group of Tomorrow People, unhappy with the way things were going, teamed with the enemy (Ultra) and were injected with a "tracer," which, as it's discovered in Monday's penultimate episode, is really a kill switch. With John losing his paranormal powers and the lines drawn, a resurrected Roger faces a dilemma: turn himself in to Ultra and risk annihilating the human race (i.e., Astrid, Luca and now John), or stick with the fractured Tomorrow People.

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Tomorrow People star Robbie Amell breaks down the key storylines in the aftermath of Hillary's deadly move and what this means for Stephen and the rest of his crew.

1. Hillary's death puts Stephen "over the edge"

"As horrible as it is, this is the moment that really puts him over the edge with the Founder," Amell tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's one of those weird situations where the girl he loved betrayed him and as much as he hated her, there were still feelings for her. And then she sacrifices herself for him and the rest of the Tomorrow people." Unfortunately for Stephen, time is against him. "He doesn't have time to grieve and he's gotta jump right back into things to try and protect the Tomorrow People and his family. He's going to be in a very weird headspace in the next two episodes."

2. Kill switch puts everyone in a "difficult" spot

"The kill switch has the biggest effect on Russell. He's the only one of the main four of us who is injected and has the ticking time bomb in their head. It puts him in a really difficult position," Amell says. That prompts Jedikiah and Irene to go at it from a medical standpoint in determining how to safely terminate the kill switch without killing a Tomorrow Person, while Cara, John and Stephen seek a way to shut down the system before the Founder can use it again. "But, there is a very big betrayal that really kickstarts [the finale]," Amell hints.

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3. "Human-form John is still a badass"

Now that John's paranormal powers have been stripped away, there's one less person able to contribute to the Tomorrow People cause. As Amell reveals, they address it head-on: "We have a scene where I say pretty much that and [John] says, 'I don't have powers, but I'm not powerless.' " Even without the ability to teleport, "human-form John is still a badass," Amell says, reminding viewers that one of his "scariest" powers is that he can still kill.

4. John and Astrid connect

Earlier in the season, John began connecting with Stephen's best friend, Astrid. That's going to continue, now that he's just like her. "There's definitely a connection there when they meet as humans. It presents a love square now between Cara, John, Astrid and Stephen."

5. Show will be a stark contrast should there be a season two

"These last two episodes, we don't hold anything back," Amell says. "All the cards are on the table." The actor hints that the May 5 closer ties up some threads, while opening some new doors for a potential season two. "If we get a season two, knock on wood, it will be a very different show," he hints, promising that the episode does a "good job of painting" what it would be.

The Tomorrow People airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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