'Tomorrow People': Robbie Amell on New Couples, 'True Colors' and Deadly Future

How does The CW star sum up the final seven episodes of the season? "We are going out with a season-one bang," he tells THR.
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"The Tomorrow People"

The Tomorrow People moves to a new night with seven episodes left to go.

The CW sci-fi drama's upcoming episode comes at a crucial time. It's debuting in a new home (Mondays), has a new lead-in (rookie drama Star-Crossed instead of Arrow) and the show has even gone semi-meta (watch this promo). And it seems things are ramping up. In Monday's installment, Stephen and Russell utilize their powers for good, while Stephen finds himself complicating matters with his Ultra partner Hillary when things get a little too close for comfort.

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Robbie Amell shares some intel with The Hollywood Reporter on what the remainder of the season holds.

How close does Stephen get to figuring out the location of where his father actually is?

All you have to do is watch episode 16 -- the final scene. [The episode centers on] a person using their powers to save people and they're doing it in a fun way. Russell and Stephen get inspired to do the same thing -- that they should be helping people rather than hiding out fighting the one fight. It's not a light-hearted episode but it's the last time we get to see the Tomorrow People having fun before that last scene in the episode, which is a big reveal that acts as a catalyst [for the rest of the season]. Our show is on a completely different level than it has been this entire season.

How would you describe what takes place in that final arc?

Our writers found a story that people want to see and they're telling it in a great way and all these characters where you weren't sure where they stood, everybody shows their cards. You see everybody's true colors and some of them aren't good guys and some of them aren't bad guys. I was surprised by a lot of things -- the relationships that come to be, who's fighting whom, who's working with whom, everything's justified but everything is very surprising. I think the fans of the show are going to freak out. We are going out with a season-one bang.

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When I spoke to executive producer Phil Klemmer recently, he alluded to the idea that the worlds between Ultra and the Tomorrow People may start to mesh. Is that where the season are headed?

Yeah, I feel like that was Stephen's goal to begin with -- to create a world where you could save everyone. The idea was not to have to live these separate lives or separate worlds; he wants this world where he can live with his family and live with his friends and not looking over his shoulder. And really the world in which the show takes place in, everything changes. Characters die, characters get together, there are traitors, there are saviors, people are used as weapons.

Now that John's back and seems to have rekindled his romance with Cara, how are things different down in the lair, especially from Stephen's perspective?

The difficult thing for Stephen is it seems Cara and John are back together and he's got this partner in Hilary who he doesn't know if he can trust. But they're a couple of 18-, 19-year-old kids and the two of them have to blow off some steam and they find something in each other that they may have needed and they start to build this kind of weird relationship over the next few episodes. It's interesting to see how Cara reacts to that because they have this telepathic connection so it's a matter of time before she knows that Stephen and Hillary have been friends with benefits.

This show seems to have one of the most complicated romantic trees...

It only gets weirder too. Right when you think you've found your couples, everything changes. That should be our slogan for the last few episodes. It's leading up to a massive showdown in episode 22.

Will Marla and Luca play crucial roles in the war?

Definitely. You don't see Stephen's mom for a couple of episodes, but after [episode 17], she's a part of this world now. It's a matter of time before people find out about her and think she's a danger or before Luca is used as a pawn. They've done it with Astrid, it's only a matter of time before they do it with Luca. If you know anything about Stephen, family and friends and keeping them safe is really the most important thing. You'll see a lot of Marla and Luca in the last few episodes and maybe even seeing the whole family together.

In flashbacks?


What else can we look forward to?

In episode 17, I finally get my badass fight. John and Stephen take on six or seven elite Ultra agents and it shows a new level of who Stephen's becoming. In episode 18, you get your first glimpse at The Machine, which is a huge part of the last episodes. In that same episode, I have a showdown with a character that's been a long time coming -- it's a quick fight but it's gritty and angry. It was 17 episodes coming.

The Tomorrow People premieres in its new Monday home March 17 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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