'Tonight Show': Dave Chappelle Explains How Prince Used His Own Joke Against Him (Video)

Chappelle Tonight Show - H - 2014

What did Dave Chappelle think about having his Prince impression transformed into a real Prince album cover?

The comedian memorably explained on Friday to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon what it's like being featured on the cover of Prince's September 2013 single Breakfast Can Wait. 

"That's a Prince judo move right there. … You make fun of Prince in a sketch and he'll just use you in his album cover," the comedian quipped. "What am I going to do — sue him for using a picture of me dressed up like him? … That's checkmate right there."

The cover, seen below, is drawn from a sketch from Chappelle's Comedy Central series. 

Chappelle, who recently re-emerged in the public spotlight to promote a series of shows at New York's Radio City Music Hall this month, is on a late-night TV tour. On Tuesday, he appeared on Late Show to explain to David Letterman his long absence from the comedy scene.