Top 10 DVR Shows of the Season (So Far)

After "Modern Family" received a big bump in the first two weeks of the season, find out what other shows are also benefiting from recorded viewing.

The fall TV season is just gearing up, but with Modern Family getting an early win as the most DVRed show in the last couple of weeks, it’s time to look at what shows are also feeling a little digital video recording love.

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Nielsen said an average of 4.5 million viewers watched a recording of Modern Family after it first appeared on the air, making it the primetime show that got the biggest lift when Nielsen’s DVR ratings were add in. The show’s viewership bumped from nearly 14 million people who watched it live to 18.5 million.

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Quite a few other shows this season saw a bump of more than 3 million, including the Ashton Kutcher-starring CBS comedy Two and  Half Men and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

The bump from Nielsen’s measurement of who watches on DVR can make a significant difference in the show’s viewership, and can play a role in whether a show returns for another season.

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As of now, the TV series with the top DVR shows of the season are:

1.    Two and a Half Men
2.    Modern Family
3.    New Girl
4.    2 Broke Girls
5.    The Big Bang Theory
6.    How I Met Your Mother
7.    NCIS
8.    Family Guy
9.    Grey’s Anatomy
10.   X-Factor (Wednesday)

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