'Torchwood's' Eve Myles Has a Message for the Show's Angry UK Fans

Eve Myles

Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper in Torchwood.

After the BBC confirmed earlier this week that Torchwood: Miracle Day would premiere on July 14 in the UK – six days after the U.S. premiere on Starz – many fans expressed their anger about having to wait for a show that they made popular to begin with.

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There has been talk among UK fans of downloading the U.S. version, which may have an affect ratings for the show in that country. Needless to say, it has become an issue whether some believe it’s a negligible amount of time to wait while others feel it’s an insult to the show's original fan base.

The Hollywood Reporter had a chance to speak with Eve Myles, who plays Gwen Cooper, one of the few original cast members (along with John Barrowman and Kai Owen) to return for Torchwood: Miracle Day and she tells us she has a message for the show’s UK Fans and we decided to deliver it in its entirety below.

THR: We’re sure you’ve heard the rancor out of the UK about BBC’s delayed premiere of the show. What would you like to say to those fans?

Myles: We never, ever, ever wanted to take this show away from the original fans. What we always wanted to do with the show was give them a gift every year, something wonderful, a big, big present. And if that present isn’t good enough, we aren’t going to give it to you. We’ve made you the best, best series yet. And it works out that it will be a week after the U.S. showing. And obviously we have nothing to do with that -- me nor John [Barrowman] or [showrunners Russel T. Davies and Julie Gardner]. But, just hold on tight. I’d just like to remind them that they’re our fans. We want them to sit back and enjoy it, be proud of it like we are, and to stick with us. If it was up to me and John, we’d have it to them straight away. But, it’s not.

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THR: So, do you understand where they’re coming from?

Myles: Oh my God, of course I do. I was the biggest Six Feet Under fan in the world. And if that had happened, it went out there first and it didn’t come out here. That did happen with the first series. It went out there and we had to wait. And the reason why I was so frustrated and kind of pissed off about it is because I couldn’t wait to see it. I was so excited about seeing it. You just want to get to see it, don’t you? I mean fair play. These people have waited just over two years for this next season. You know, they’ve waited long enough. I wish I had the ten episodes here and I can invite them to my house and we could all watch them together. You know, tonight. Unfortunately, my house isn’t big enough and I only have one [episode] myself [she laughs]. Yeah, I’d like to say that if I had something to do with it that this wouldn’t be happening. But, sit tight, because it is a fantastic ride.

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