Tracee Ellis Ross Remembers When She First Met Prince: "His Bare Bottom Was Exposed"

trace ellis ross  prince - Getty - H 2016
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trace ellis ross  prince - Getty - H 2016

It's no surprise that Tracee Ellis Ross has met a number of famed musicians in her childhood as the daughter of Diana Ross, but on Tuesday's episode of Ellen, she recalled why her first encounter with Prince stood out amongst the others.

The Black-ish actress shared that she had met the late icon backstage at one of his stadium shows at the young age of 11 or 12 and was shocked to see him sporting a pair of revealing chaps.

"He went to walk away and he turned around, and he was wearing chaps with nothing else underneath! His bare bottom was exposed, and I was like, 'Oh, my god!'" she said. "As a child, I was like, 'That is disgusting!' I was like, 'Mom, that is so gross!' and she goes, 'No, that's cool.'"

Ross went on to send her condolences to the friends and family of Prince, who died on April 21. 

"It's heartbreaking. We were all so touched by his music and what he shared with the world, but my heart just so goes out to his family and his loved ones and those people that had a personal relationship with him and a personal connection," she expressed. "When you love somebody that is that magical and the world loves them, you have to share them with the world. And I just hope that those people are having their moment to grieve the loss of their friend."

Watch the video below (beginning at the 4:26 mark).