Tracy Morgan Debuts Trailer for Fake Lou Bega Biopic on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Jimmy Kimmel Live!-Tracy Morgan-Publicity-H 2019
ABC/Randy Holmes

Tracy Morgan debuted a trailer for a fake biopic about "Mambo No. 5" singer Lou Bega on Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

The fake preview began with the song as a narrator said, "The only thing more amazing than his music is his story."

Set in 1993, Bega (Morgan) was first seen getting dressed. Bega's miner father appeared behind him and told him that he needed to get to work in the paprika mines "like your daddy."

"I'm not working in the paprika mines, pop," declared Bega. "My dream is to be a mambo star."

Bega was later seen in a recording studio, where he struggled to write the lyrics to the hit song. A woman named Monica showed up in the recording booth, which inspired him to include her name in the song. Another woman made him guess her identity and he asked if she was Erica or Pamela. Rita then distracted him by teasing him with a scarf, while he later told Tina to "come to papa."

"All right, kid. Let's see what you got," said a producer (Kimmel).

"Ladies and gentlemen, this song is called 'Mambo No. 1," said Bega before the producer said he "hated it."

After trying Mambo's number 2 through 4, he took a shot at performing "Mambo No. 5."

The producer encouraged Bega to sing about what he knows, which inspired him to sing about the many women in his life.

Following the success of the song, the trailer claimed that Bega won the "Nobel Prize for Mambo." Bega thanked "a little bit of everybody, especially my pregnant baby mamas" during his acceptance speech.

The fake trailer concluded with Bega shouting, "Wait till you hear 'Mambo No. 6.'"

Also during his appearance, Morgan joked that he knew a member of the show's audience. After Kimmel said that Dorothy was celebrating her 97th birthday, Morgan said, "I know Dorothy. Me and Dorothy got kids together."

Morgan, who recently turned 50, discussed his "beautiful" birthday celebration and his marriage to Megan Wollover.

"I just got married again and my wife is 18 years younger than me, so when you have a beautiful, young woman like that, it puts you at a disadvantage in the marriage cause I'm never leaving," he said. "So, you know, you might talk junk like you are and the other day I told my wife, 'Let me tell you something. If you keep treating me the way you treat me, one day you're gonna wake up and I'm gonna be sitting right there with your cappuccino.'"

He then discussed the first time he met his neighbor, who is the CEO of Pepsi. The actor said that she brought over a bouquet of flowers as a housewarming gift. "I said, 'You're so warm and thank you for welcoming me and my wife and my kids into this neighborhood,'" he began. '"And it would be an honor for me to one day be hit by one of your trucks."' The joke was a reference to a 2014 accident when a Walmart truck driver crashed into Morgan's van.

Morgan also shared that there is a room in his house designed to look exactly like Vito Corleone's Godfather office. "I have somebody come over once a week just to say, 'I believe in America,'" he said of the opening line from the film. "Then he goes, 'Can I be your friend, Godfather?' and then I pay him and he gets lost."

In addition to The Godfather-inspired room, he also has an aquarium in his home that includes a 20,000 gallon tank. Morgan said that he has gray reefs, blacktips, whitetips and a five-foot leopard shark in his aquarium.

Morgan also shared that while he doesn't follow politics, he currently has "beef with a president's kid." He joked, "Amy Carter. Yeah, she's coming at me hard. Let me tell you something, Amy. That's not my baby."

Morgan also discussed his role in the upcoming film What Men Want.

After Kimmel asked if he believed that he is a good representation of all men, Morgan said, "I don't know if I represent…because every man is different. I don't think nobody wanna be in this head," he said. "I got hit by a Walmart truck."

The host then asked Morgan, who came into a lot of money after his car accident, if he had any advice for recent Powerball jackpot winner Dave Johnson.

"Learn how to say the word, 'No,'" he shouted. 'Don't knock on my door cause I don't knock on yours."

Animal Planet's large predator expert Dave Salmoni later joined Morgan and Kimmel.

Salmoni first brought out a Tamandua, which he explained as a lesser anteater. Kimmel declined the opportunity to hold the animal, which then dropped his applesauce in front of the host. Salmoni then asked Morgan if he was interested.

"No, I'm good. You brought applesauce so there would be ants all over the place, right?" said Morgan.

Salmoni explained that the applesauce was a special treat. "So he's the type of animal to go, 'Not ants again,'" said Morgan.

The animal expert next brought out a three-month zebra. After he said that the breed has been known to kick, Kimmel and Morgan backed away.

Morgan later corrected Salmoni's pronunciation of the word "zebra" and made a joke that zebras have stripes "for good credit."

Kimmel helped the zebra drink milk before Morgan fed him a grain. The actor noted that the food looked like Rice-A-Roni and sang, "This is Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat."

Later in the segment, Morgan inched away when Salmoni brought out a Galapagos centipede. "Hey Jim, I'm leaving," he joked after he learned that the insect was venomous.