'Trading Spaces' Revived at TLC

Trading Spaces - Photofest - H 2017

TLC is bringing back one of its most successful shows, Trading Spaces.

The network announced the news Tuesday as part of its upfront presentation to advertisers. The announcement was light on details about the new iteration, but president and general manager Nancy Daniels said Tuesday that it will return in 2018.

The original version followed two sets of neighbors as they swapped houses to transform a room in 48 hours and on a $1,000 budget. It ran for eight seasons from 2000-11.

The Discovery Communications networks have been reviving beloved properties lately. On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Cash Cab is getting revived at Discovery Channel, and last year THR also broke the news that Science Channel was bringing back MythBusters, with the new hosts hired via a reality competition series.

Elsewhere, corporate sibling Discovery Channel on Tuesday said it has ordered three new series as part of its upfront announcement to advertisers.

The network said it has picked up Cold Case Alaska, Devil's Canyon and Motorheads, the latter of which will air as part of Discovery's "Motor Monday" lineup.

Cold Case Alaska is set in a remote area of Alaska where people go missing at an eerily high rate: More people go missing there per capita than any other state. While some disappear by choice, others vanish "because someone else wanted them to."

These cases were originally handled by the recently disbanded Alaska Bureau of Investigation's Cold Case Unit, but now many of the missing person cases remain unsolved. The new series, from M2 Pictures, will follow "one man who will stop at nothing to find some answers."

Devil's Canyon is set in the area of the same name in British Columbia that is home to the "largest creek-side gold deposit the world has ever seen." It's also hostile terrain.

In the series, from Magilla, three extreme prospectors —Ben van der Valk, Boyce Goff and John Belcik — take a huge risk as they journey into the most remote areas of the canyon to seek their fortunes. The miners, equipped with only the tools and food they can carry in on their backs, head deep into the forest where big mining companies can't reach. But they have only a small window in which to find gold before winter hits and they must deal with raging windstorms, bone-chilling rain and snow, falling trees, hypothermia and deadly bears.

The tentatively titled Motorheads follows Carlos Becerra, a 25-year-old Mexican-American, as he "attempts to hustle his way into the car business and become one of the top classic car flippers in the country."

The series, from Leftfield Pictures, follows Becerra and his team — who build one-of-a-kind cars — as they hunt down potential cars to flip in the most unlikely of places. They search across Northern Washington, where cars litter the landscape as the teams does everything to find them. Becerra sees potential in the even the most seemingly unsalvageable vehicles, but he must prove himself in a highly competitive field.

These shows are part of an overall slate of 20 returning series and 18 new ones, including several previously announced shows. Click here for more details on Discovery Communications' upfront announcements.