'Transformers 3D' Premiere: What You Didn't See on the Russian 'Green' Carpet

"Entertainment Tonight" co-anchor Mark Steines blogs about his experience for THR.com.

Entertainment Tonight co-anchor Mark Steines reported live on the "green carpet" of the Moscow premiere of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Check out his blog for THR.com!

The premiere here [was] unprecedented starting with the green  carpet! That just kicked off the night. They also constructed a massive stage in Red Square flanked by huge LED walls and a massive one behind the band.  I managed to twist the arm of Bill Boyd, content  producer for Linkin Park's current tour and had him put up a little ET  signage in the 20 foot tall wall.  Impressive!  I tweeted a picture immediately.   The visual message of this very contemporary, high octane, special effects laced film and hearing the sound check for Linkin  Park was a real treat, but what really took it to the next level was seeing it all nestled right between St. Basil's and the Kremlin. The previous images of Red Square in my mind stood in stark contrast. It was paralyzing. Michael Bay had to be behind this! Yep!

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The cast was fired up for a photo call, they were all happy to be seeing each other again. However, Josh, who caught a cold somewhere between Rio and Russia, told me his thoughts kept drifting back home to Minot, ND where his family and friends are facing the fight of their lives with rising water levels. Tears came to his eyes as he told me his sister is going to lose her house. I could tell he felt needed there, but as they say, the show must go on and Michael, Shia, Tyrese and Rosie needed their wingman. My heart really goes out to Josh and his family. My home state of Iowa faced the same situation a few years ago so I could relate, a little too much perhaps.

They all told stories of doing wire work with Bay on the set. Rosie, Josh, Shia Tyrese and Patrick were all strapped up at various times of shooting. The common message,"we can't complain, were in a mega summer blockbuster,  but damn, those harnesses can really "harness"a guy and gal in all the wrong places."  Does Bay REALLY need another take!

There was a lot talk about "why Russia", but I can honestly say my first trip has left a great (insert your favorite Russian food here for effect joke) taste in my mouth. The people, the food and the fans were beyond. Tyrese told me how the fans in Russia are "real fans" and that this experience is so heightened for these fans because they don't have the kind of stars, premieres and certainly nothing like Linkin Park in Red Square.

Both Bay and Shia talked about this being the last Transformers film but Tyrese is challenging that when the dust settles on this one. He believes when it performs so well, they will be back. I really liked this one and it's been well received here, but  we'll see. I think Bay is done,.....that's my feeling,....wait, did somebody say 4D?! Is that even possible? Michael?  Come back!

Oh, one last note: Traffic is horrible and I live in L.A. What does THAT tell ya.