'Transparent' Season 3 Is About "Coming Out of Your Shell"

Transparent Still Jeffrey Tambor 301 - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of Amazon

Transparent Jeffrey Tambor 301 H 2016

There is no shortage of love for Transparent. Amazon's Emmy-winning comedy has earned raves during its first two seasons and is regularly credited with helping move the dial for transgender rights and awareness in the U.S. 
It was on that wave that the series' cast and several writers (minus vacationing showrunner Jill Soloway) joined the Television Critics Association on Sunday morning. Previewing clips of the forthcoming third season, one that finds central figure Maura Pfefferman getting a plastic surgery consult, the team offered a few insights into what to expect from the Sept. 23 return. 
"Season three, the theme is to come out of your shell," said writer Our Lady J, noting that a central flashback comes with a 12-year-old Maura struggling with her identity. "Most people think of someone who has transitioned is as going from male to female, not as being assigned the wrong gender at birth." 
For that misconception and other reasons, all seemed very optimistic about long-term prospects for Transparent material. (The show has already been renewed for a fourth season.) "There are a lot of things that people who write on the show have never been able to share or explore on this format," said Amy Landecker
Jeffrey Tambor, tasked with the daunting role of a transgender woman, emphasized that he still wasn't entirely comfortable with the part — looking at it as a responsibility as well. 
"I wouldn't say the word 'settled,'" he said of his ease playing the role for three years now. "I trust Jill within an inch of my life. I don't know if I could quite express this ... Neither Maura nor Jeffrey sometimes will know what happens in a scene."
As for any dramatic changes to Maura's appearance, as implied by the doctor's visit shown in the teaser, Tambor would only say "stay tuned."
Watch the trailer below.