Travel Channel Orders 'Booze Traveler,' 'Big Time RV,' Eight Other Series

The cable network, which is expanding with 10 new originals, one special and a project in development, is looking to delve deeper in adventure and food.

Travel Channel is looking to broaden its reach.

In its bid to grab new viewers, the cable network is expanding into more food and adventure fare with 10 new originals, one new special and a series in development. Included in the slate is a mix of shows focused on hospitality consultants, a Peruvian resort and a sizable RV dealership.

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“We believe in travel’s inherent ability to connect us with people from different places and cultures,” said Travel Channel president Shannon O’Neill in the announcement Wednesday. “Our mission is to provide our viewers with transformative programming that provides a gateway and personal portal to experience the world."

The new offerings include Big Crazy Family Adventure, which follows adventurer Bruce Kirkby and his family as they trek from Vancouver to the Himalayas; Hotel Amazon, which chronicles Rusty Johnson and Stephan Jablonski as they leave New York to pursue their dream of building a world-class resort in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon; World Access, which explores fascinating sites and hidden locations via highly trained experts and journalist; and Big Time RV, which centers on America's largest RV dealership.

The network also is adding shows that feature new expert faces, including Booze Traveler, which follows cocktail connoisseur Jack Maxwell as he travels across the globe; Expedition Unknown, which chronicles the adventures of Josh Gates as he investigates iconic mysteries around the world; Resort Rescue, which follows hospitality consultant Shane Green as he helps hotel and resort owners fix their establishments; and Tours by Unger, in which Brian Unger takes viewers to fascinating places most Americans don’t know about.

The special One Day on Earth will focus broadly on the transformative nature of traveling, series in development 1 Way Ticket will center on traveling with a unique last minute twist, and other new series American Grilled and Underground BBQ Challenge will be geared toward foodies who love traveling.

Here's a look at the full slate:

American Grilled, hosted by chef David Guas, pits four grill masters against one another in the ultimate outdoor cooking challenge. It’s greenlit for 13 one-hour episodes produced by Original Media.

Big Crazy Family Adventure follows adventurer Kirkby across undiscovered landscapes in an effort to escape the everyday modern world. It’s greenlit for eight one-hour episodes produced by dick clark productions and WD Entertainment.

Big Time RV gives viewers an all-access pass to America's largest, and most prestigious, RV dealership in Florida. It’s greenlit for six half-hour episodes produced by Half Yard Productions.

Booze Traveler follows Maxwell as he travels around the world, one drink at a time. It's greenlit for eight one-hour episodes produced by Karga Seven Pictures in association with White Reindeer Productions.

Expedition Unknown chronicles the adventures of Gates as he investigates iconic mysteries across the globe, such as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart’s plane. It's greenlit for six one-hour episodes produced by Ping Pong Productions.

Hotel Amazon chronicles the story of longtime friends Johnson and Jablonski as they build a luxury resort on top of the Peruvian Amazon. It’s greenlit for six one-hour episodes produced by Crazy Legs Productions.

Resort Rescue follows world-famous hospitality consultant Green as he helps hotel and resort owners figure out what’s going wrong inside their establishments. It’s greenlit for 13 one-hour episodes produced by Relativity TV.

Tours by Unger goes where ordinary travelers can’t courtesy of irreverently funny host Unger. It’s greenlit for six half-hour episodes produced by Half Yard Productions. 

Underground BBQ Challenge, hosted by chef G. Garvin, pits neighbors against neighbors across the country in an epic BBQ cooking contest. It's greenlit for eight one-hour episodes produced by The Michael Group.

World Access takes viewers through off-limit areas, captured through innovative methods such as drones, time lapse and robotic cameras.  It’s greenlit for seven one-hour episodes produced by Indigo Films.

One Day on Earth shows sights and sounds in countries from all over the globe -- from bustling cities to exotic jungles to the rolling countryside -- captured all on the same day. It’s greenlit for a one-hour special produced by Electus.

1 Way Ticket surprises couples with a free trip to an exotic location after friends secretly nominate them. It’s greenlit for two half-hour episodes produced by JOHLT Productions.