Travel Channel Unearths History's 'Lost Secrets' With Founder of L.A.'s Wende Museum (Exclusive)

Justin Jampol - Travel Channel's Lost Secrets - Hannah Caprara Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Hannah Caprara

Travel Channel has greenlit a new series that aims to unearth history's Lost Secrets by examining "unusual objects that hold hidden pasts and secret histories."

The series follows historian Justin Jampol, founder and executive director of L.A.'s Wende Museum, as he travels around the world to unlock the mysteries of the past held within recently discovered items found among family relics, private collections and museum displays. These items reveal covert histories that have unexpectedly and unknowingly changed the world we live in. 

Jampol will use state-of-the-art scientific testing in his investigations to reveal how these objects may be the key to real truths behind pivotal moments in history that we thought we already knew and how that can aid in our understanding of the present.

The six-part series premiere at 11 p.m. on Nov. 10.

"Justin is an avid historian, and his passion for preserving the integrity of our history is the driving force behind Lost Secrets," said Matthew Butler, general manager at Travel Channel. "Through newly unearthed objects, Justin connects our past with the present and brings our history to life by unlocking mysteries within these unusual items, one object at a time."

For more than 20 years, Jampol, who makes a living out of distinguishing trash from treasure, has been scouring the earth and collecting hidden relics to bring back to the Wende Museum, a top artifact museum in Culver City. Throughout his journeys, Jampol discovered that people across the world are holding on to valuable, historical items, many not realizing their worth or understanding their significance.

In the premiere episode, Jampol gains access to recently uncovered documents from the archive of infamous Nazi Heinrich Himmler, which includes astrological wheels for Churchill, Stalin and Hitler himself. Jampol sets out to investigate the Nazi leadership's deep fanatical belief in the supernatural and how there may have been a plot to harness these mythical forces to win WWII.

Additional episodes of Lost Secrets investigate whether a Viking woman may have been the first to discover America, examine an obscure 19th century report that could prove that Meriwether Lewis' death wasn't actually a suicide and question whether espionage by former slaves helped the Union win the Civil War. 

Lost Secrets is produced for Travel Channel by Talos Films. For Talos, the executive producers are Julian P. Hobbs, Elli Hakami and Irfan Rahman. Jampol is host and consulting producer. For Travel Channel, Daniel Schwartz is executive producer.