Trevor Noah Calls CNN "Heartless" for Democratic Debate Promos

Daily Show CNN Debate Still - H 2015

Trevor Noah wants each of the presidential candidates to get a fair shake.

During Monday's episode, the Daily Show host played a clip of a CNN promo for Tuesday's Democratic debate that featured photos of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, followed by a quick flash of the names of fellow candidates Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee.

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"CNN, what was that?" Noah said. "It was like a face and then a face, and then it was just like 'meh-meh-meh.' You guys are heartless, CNN. Any one of these people could be the next president, and you list them like the legally required terms and conditions of a used car ad?"

For emphasis, Noah adopted the voice of a promo announcer: " 'Clinton! Sanders! Tomorrow on CNN.' " Then, speaking quickly, he added, " 'Please note: Unfortunately, Martin O'Malley will be joining the proceedings, certain viewers may be exposed to Jim Webb and there's nothing we can do about Lincoln Chafee.' What the hell is that?"

Noah also took the cable channel to task for its plans to keep an empty podium on hand in case Joe Biden decides to join the race at the last minute.

"CNN — such amateurs," Noah joked. "You can't get Joe Biden with a podium waiting in the wings. You get Joe Biden with wings waiting in a podium." He then showed a plate of chicken wings resting on a podium.

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