Trevor Noah Compares Joe Biden's Campaign to Tyler Perry: "It Has Basically Become a Madea Movie"

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Courtesy of Comedy Central

Following Bernie Sanders' win at the New Hampshire Democratic Primary on Tuesday, late-night host Trevor Noah took on the events in a segment during The Daily Show on Wednesday night. 

"Coming out of the Iowa primary, the big winners were Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and anyone who didn’t build that shitty app. And last night in New Hampshire, those top two kept their momentum going."

The Daily Show then cut to CNN news footage, where an anchor said,  "With a win in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders taking control as the Democratic frontrunner. But not too far behind him, Pete Buttigieg. Despite winning the popular vote in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Sanders is behind in the overall delegate race by two. One of the night’s other big winners, Senator Klobuchar, who took third place. She capitalized on the moment by reintroducing herself to the country: 'Hello America, I’m Amy Klobuchar, and I will beat Donald Trump.'"

The late-night host continued, "Yes, last night may have been the best night for Bernie Sanders since he won that free cruise on Noah’s Ark, but New Hampshire’s biggest surprise was Amy Klobuchar, who burst into the national spotlight with a third-place finish. And the timing couldn’t be better for Klobuchar, because in many ways the presidential campaigns are like getting drunk at a party. You want to peak at the right time. See, the other candidates, they had their surge last year, which is too early. It’s like getting wasted at 6 p.m. By the time the party’s really going, you’re puking in the bushes. ‘I’m so sorry I didn’t pace myself, I promise I’ll do better in South Carolina,'" joked Noah, impersonating the intoxicated person.

He added, "So there’s no denying that New Hampshire was great for Amy Klobuchar’s campaign. And it was also a great night for news people who love wordplay." The show cut again to news clips, where anchors were getting creative with words inspired by her surname: “Sen. Klobuchar feeling the klo-mentum"…“[the] klobu-serge."

Noah then gave the wordplay a go. "It’s ‘klo-bering’ time. New Hampshire has an outbreak of Klo-mydia. She killed it like Klo. J. Simpson."

Launching back into his political commentary, Noah said, "For Bernie, Buttigieg and Klobuchar, New Hampshire was a dream. But unfortunately for some other big-name candidates, it turned into a nightmare."

News footage showed former Vice President Joe Biden, who "saw the writing on the wall" and left even before the polls had closed, live-streaming into his campaign’s New Hampshire watch party.

"Ooh. Joe Biden left New Hampshire before the polls were closed?" exclaimed Noah. "I mean, I’ve heard of fans leaving the game early, but you know it’s bad when the team leaves early to beat the traffic." Impersonating a sports coach, he said, "'All right guys, screw the fourth quarter, let’s just start the bus.'"

Noah then explained, "I also feel especially bad for Biden’s supporters. You came all the way out to see your candidate, and instead all you get is a video? Imagine if you were in the dentist's chair, and your doctor pops up on the screen: 'Aloha from Hawaii! Here are three simple steps to perform your own root canal!'"

He added, "So while Biden’s supporters wept frozen New Hampshire tears, the man was already in South Carolina, looking toward the future." CNN news clips showed how Biden's campaign "is staking survival in his strength with black voters.”

The late-night host threw in a joke a this point in the segment. “Joe Biden’s campaign has basically become a Madea movie: If black people don’t turn up, it’s toast."

Concluding the segment, Noah said, "It is a little weird, you have to admit, that the story of the Democratic race has now been written by two states that aren’t representative of the Democratic party. Think about it: two overwhelmingly white states shape who the Democratic nominee will be. And that’s long before minority voters have had their say. It’s almost as if the Democratic party is having a buffet, but white people get to pick the menu. If you’re black, that sucks, because you get there and you’re like, ‘Man, why the hell is there raisins in everything? And who the hell is Broccoli Rob?'"

"So that’s where the race stands after two primaries," Noah began his closing statement. "Buttigieg and Bernie are neck and neck, and all the other candidates are hoping for a boost in Nevada and South Carolina. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for us to go away for a ‘klo-mercial break.’ Get it?"

View the segment below.