Trevor Noah Criticizes Young Spring Breakers Partying Amid Coronavirus

In Trevor Noah's latest installment of The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah, the late-night host addressed all things coronavirus (COVID-19), directing aim at Trump and spring breakers in Florida. 

While opening his show, Noah summarized the three things everyone has learned about the coronavirus pandemic thus far, including coronavirus being a "serious disease," "not dangerous for old people," and for helping prove that "your relationship is not as secure as you thought." "It's amazing how much you discover about each other when you can never leave," he joked. 

The late-night then directed his attention to President Donald Trump, who he said helps remind everyone everyday that "hiring him was the biggest mistake." Speaking about the latest press conference, Noah asked why Trump still continues to speak to the microphone when "he doesn't know anything." "President Trump, just let the doctors and scientists talk, alright?" Noah encouraged Trump to just "stand in the back like a hype man" as the professionals give an update on all things coronavirus. 

Emphasizing that he's not "hating on Trump," Noah went on to discuss Trump's mention of a treatment for coronavirus in which he cited a drug used for malaria would be available immediately to aid in coronavirus. 

However, contrary to Trump's statements, the FDA commissioner emphasized that they want to gather a "clinical trial" for the drug first. "This is the most embarrassing thing ever. The FDA commissioner openly called out the president for making this shit up. This is so embarrassing," Noah said. 

Later, Noah praised New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for suspending all mortgage payments for people in financial hardships, credit card fees and ATM overdraft fees. "It's amazing for people struggling financially," Noah said. "By the way that's also a rule that we should keep long after coronavirus is gone. ATM overdraft is a scam." 

Noah then directed his attention to the spring breakers in Florida refusing to give up partying to practice social distancing. To address that issue, the Florida governor closed the beaches. "While the rest of us are social distancing, these kids are running out saying things like this." Noah then played clips of various young adults expressing how they're not worried about the coronavirus and that it's not going to stop them from partying. 

"I'm sorry what? You're not going to let coronavirus from stopping you? You don't need to let it. Coronavirus is the Harvey Weinstein of diseases. It does not ask for consent, my friend," Noah said. 

"Here's the thing young people need to understand. Yes, coronavirus is most dangerous for old people, but that does not mean it's not dangerous for young people too. It can still get our ass into intensive care." 

"Get your shit together, young people. Coronavirus ain't no joke." 

Later in the show, Noah was then joined by Jaboukie Young-White to get an update on how he's doing while in quarantine.