Trevor Noah Mocks Jeb Bush for "Creeping" on 'Supergirl' Star

Daily Show Supergirl Jeb Bush - H 2015

Trevor Noah took Jeb Bush to task for his recent comments about Supergirl star Melissa Benoist

On Thursday's Daily Show, the host skewered Bush for his response to an interviewer at a Las Vegas event earlier this week, who asked Bush to name his favorite Marvel superhero. Bush replied that Benoist is "pretty hot," although the former Florida governor admitted to not knowing what network the show would be airing on.

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"Damn — Jeb's creeping on the Kryptonian," Noah cracked. Noah also mocked Bush for channeling his "inner accountant," after Bush said he was impressed by Marvel's financial status.

"Jeb, just to let you know, and to everyone out there, Supergirl premieres at 8:30 on CBS," Noah said. "And based on Jeb's excitement, I suggest no one shake his hand after 9 p.m. (Pause.) Because his hands will be sweating from the joy! (To audience.) You guys are disgusting."

Noah also mocked complaints that Captain America will now be a black character in the comic books, with Noah observing that conservatives are becoming Captain America's chief foe.

"Defeating Red Skull is one thing, but fighting Ben Carsonthat's a challenge," Noah said. The host then impersonated Carson — and referenced an alleged Popeye's robbery that Carson witnessed in the 1980s — by saying: "'Uh, Captain — I believe you want to punch the guy behind the counter.' "

Noah concluded that comic books should just be enjoyed as escapism. "We can't fly like Superman, and Jeb Bush will never have the chance to be rejected by Supergirl," Noah joked.

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