Trevor Noah Takes on State of the Union: "The Theme Was That We're All Going to Die"

Trevor Noah took on President Trump's State of the Union address in a live show Tuesday night, where he argued that the underlying theme of the speech was "we're all going to die." 

"The real theme was that we're all going to die, Mexican style," quipped Noah, cutting to a clip of Trump talking about the various threats that America faces: "criminals, child smugglers, illegal aliens," to name a few.

"This part of his speech was so scary he should have just done it with a flashlight under his chin," said the host. He then impersonated what this would look like and whispered in a quivering voice, "They're coming for us ..." 

After poking fun at the way Trump begins every sentence with how "great" America has become and how "hot" the economy is, Noah summed up the speech as a whole and suggested that it was one of Trump's "tamer" speeches.

"We can all agree that he read really well," Noah concluded. "I don't know if he's ready for a second term, but he's definitely ready for the second grade," Noah laughed. 

Also included in the live episode, The Daily Show's Roy Wood Jr. delivered a "State of Black Shit" address from the capitol of Black America — the Waffle House in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Noah was originally scheduled to air a live response to Trump's address on Jan. 29, the day that the State of the Union was originally slated for. The special was rescheduled following the government shutdown that postponed the speech: Noah's show was thus renamed "State of the Union 2019: Uncancelled."

"Uncancelled" signifies the eighth time that The Daily Show has aired live: In addition to the 2019 State of the Union, the show has marked the 2018 midterm election night, the 2018 State of the Union address, the 2016 presidential election night, the 2016 presidential and vice presidential debates, and the final nights of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions with similar specials.

In addition to "Uncancelled," The Daily Show's social-media accounts actively responded to Trump's remarks during the 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT speech.

Throughout January, Noah covered the drama of the rescheduled State of the Union address, which began when House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not invite Trump to deliver the address while the government was shut down, as is White House tradition. Trump responded by saying "Nancy Pelosi has canceled" the State of the Union. "I don't know if Nancy gave Trump a wedgie behind Congress one day but she did something, because she's the only one he hasn't given a nickname to," Noah joked when Trump canceled the address in late January. "He's like, 'Nancy Pelosi, or as I call her, Nancy.'"

Pelosi then invited Trump to deliver the address on Feb. 5, after the longest-ever federal shutdown in history had ended.

After the 2018 State of the Union address, Noah took issue with Trump's boisterous fibs during the speech, including claiming that his administration's tax cuts were the biggest in U.S. history: "If you came here for facts, you came here for the wrong thing," Noah said. "Tonight was all about celebrating Trump." Noah also called out Trump for telling lawmakers across the aisle to work together on legislation, which he said Trump had specifically prevented on issues of immigration and Obamacare. He also had good fun with Trump's claim that "Americans are DREAMers, too."

"Damn, did Trump just 'All Lives Matter' the DREAMers?" Noah joked.

Noah's "State of the Union 2019: Uncancelled" aired at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT on Comedy Central.