Trevor Noah Slams Fantasy Sports Sites as "So Dishonest" on 'Daily Show'

The 'Daily Show' host has questions about the F.B.I.'s investigation into the popular pastime.
Comedy Central
Trevor Noah on the 'Daily Show'

Trevor Noah doesn't find fantasy sports sites to be all fun and games.

The Daily Show host took aim during Thursday's episode at companies like DraftKings, which are currently being investigated by the F.B.I. over allegations of insider trading.

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"For years, this was a simple affair," Noah said about the evolution of fantasy sports. "You joined a season-long league with your college friends, threw in 20 bucks into a pool and then you had something to talk about with your friends long after you had nothing to talk about with your friends."

However, the government agency's investigation into the sites feels a little fishy to Noah.

"Something tells me this is the result of some F.B.I. agent slacking off at work, sitting there like, 'What? No, I wasn't checking my fantasy team. I'm investigating ... crimes,' " Noah said with a laugh.

Noah then spoke to Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper, who tried his best to defend the pastime. 

Noah called the sites "so dishonest" before adding, "You don't mind that the whole thing seems rigged?" to which Klepper replied, "That's part of the challenge."

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