Trevor Noah Urges Americans to "Have Conversations" Amid Gov. Ralph Northam's Blackface Controversy

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Trevor Noah  - Publicity - H 2019
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Trevor Noah made a guest appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday in which he addressed all the recent controversies, including Gov. Ralph Northam's blackface photograph and Jeff Bezos' infamous and explicit "below the belt" selfies. 

When discussing the latest news, the Daily Show host argued that Northam's blackface controversy is proof that America simply needs to "have conversations about race." 

"I think in many ways America is always going to come into this problem if you do not have conversations around the history of the country, how the country came to be and conversations about race. … You have to talk about the ramifications of Jim Crow … slavery. … If you have those conversations, people will understand it," Noah told Colbert. 

The Daily Show host further explained that he would want to keep Gov. Northam in office "as long as possible because now he's being forced to talk about it." 

"Northam has to listen now. … I want a governor who's reading Roots," he quipped. 

Noah also mentioned that those who are "ignorant" can also peg the question as to why the film White Chicks is appropriate when the Wayan brothers projected themselves as white-skinned throughout the film. "White Chicks was never used to oppress anybody other than moviegoers." 

Amid the government shutdown chaos, Noah and Colbert also discussed Trump's quest for a wall. 

"I've gotten to a point where I feel like in America, you need to limit all politicians to a single term. All politicians are focused on are being reelected" instead of just doing what they were elected to do, Noah explained.

"Trump is stressed because he wants to say he got the wall. … It's wild. 'Walls save lives. Walls are the greatest things. So great!'"

When discussing Howard Schultz, who Colbert described as being "almost too boring to talk about," Noah described Schultz as being "another example of how when you're an extremely rich person you live in an entitled bubble that makes you think you can do whatever you want, and the world reinforces that idea. … If [I am] a billionaire, I would think I know everything because I have all the people of all the money." 

He further added: "He wouldn't be getting this coverage if he wasn't a billionaire." 

As for Jeff Bezos, Noah explained why he was surprised over the Amazon CEO's "below the belt" selfies. "I'm shocked that Jeff Bezos was taking dick pics for himself," he said, joking that if he were as rich as Bezos he wouldn't want a traditional photo but rather a "catalog" of Guillermo del Toro's level of art if he had Bezos' wealth.

"I want these things painted. … I'm going to send you Marvel structures of my penis. That is what I would send you if I had that kind of money," he joked. Noah then mentioned that all the photos "look poor."

"You gotta hang out with a better class of dick pics, my friend," Colbert advised.