Trevor Noah Tells Stephen Colbert Jon Stewart Is "A Jewish Yoda"

The new 'Daily Show' anchor and the former Comedy Central host discussed the advice Stewart passed on to his successor.
Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert

Trevor Noah made a visit to Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Thursday to discuss his new hosting duties on Comedy Central.

After Colbert welcomed Jon Stewart's successor to the interviewee's chair, Noah complimented the new set before the two discussed The Daily Show.

"Every day I go, 'What have I done?' You can't live up to Jon Stewart. It's insane," said Noah when Stephen Colbert asked him about his feelings about taking over from the "legend of talk shows."

"Jon is like a Jewish Yoda," replied Noah. The South African host said Stewart offered him the following advice: "He said, 'The Daily Show is what The Daily Show should be for you to be the best show you can make."

Stewart also told Noah "to go into it" and "trust your discomforts."

Colbert asked the 31-year-old host, who has 10 years of experience to his name, what his hosting duties were like in South Africa. "We weren't allowed to play any clips," said Noah of not being able to criticize the government. "We had to describe all the pictures," he remarked of having no rights to any of the photos or videos and having to describe events with drawings.

The Late Show host asked Noah if his new show will be delivered from an outsider's perspective. "I'm not an outsider," said Noah, who is not a U.S. citizen, of living in New York. "I suffer the same things that people suffer here."

The conversation shifted to Wednesday night's CNN GOP debate, which Noah said he "unfortunately" watched and called "painful."

He joked (in an American accent) about how the candidates didn't say anything when a question was asked of them. He told the audience, "Democracy is a beautiful and ugly thing at the same time," and said that citizens should vote. "You should make it illegal to not vote," he said, adding, "When you have it, you don't appreciate it. ... Show that you're there. Don't let it go."

Noah begins his Daily Show hosting duties Sept. 28 on Comedy Central.