Trevor Noah on Impeaching Trump: "I Didn't Think He Would Make It Three Years"

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Publicity - H 2019
Sean Gallagher

The Daily Show aired a segment on Tuesday that explored "The Magical, Wonderful Road to Impeachment" and involved late-night host Trevor Noah sharing his surprise that President Trump has made it this far in his presidency without being impeached or otherwise removed.

At the top of the segment, Noah states, "Democrats have been inching closer to bringing articles of impeachment toward Present Trump. And today, they finally made it official." The screen then cut to a CNN “Breaking News” segment, where it was declared that, in a historic day on Capitol Hill, the house has announced articles against Trump.

Congressman Jerry Nadler says in the clip, “The president, who declares himself above accountability, above the American people, and above Congress’s power of impeachment, which is meant to protect against threats to our Democratic institutions, is a president who sees himself as above the law. We must be clear, no one, not even the president, is above the law.”

Noah interjects at that point to joke, "That's right, Democrats have officially announced articles of impeachment to show that, other than Steven Seagal, no one is above the law." He then says, "I know this sounds weird, but I’m actually proud of Donald Trump. Yeah, because, he’s getting impeached, but I didn’t think he would make it three years, I’m not going to lie. Trump getting this far into his presidency without getting impeached is a lot like when a dog drives a car into a tree: yeah, he crashed, but he made it like eight blocks, that’s impressive. I don't know how he even put it into drive ... he barely knows letters."

On a more serious note, Noah references the debate within the Democratic party about how many articles to bring against Trump. "But in the end," he says, "they decided to strike with surgical precision." The Daily Show then cuts to a news segment revealing the two articles that are allegedly easiest to prove and backed up by the most evidence: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Noah took that decision to mean that the Democrats are showing restraint. "Let's be honest, Trump has done a lot of crazy shit to merit 2,000 articles of impeachment." He quickly lists some of these: "The pornstar payoffs, using the presidency to enrich his businesses, the time he looked directly into an eclipse, and of course, having Don Jr. — that's impeachment on its own."

The late-night host calls it "good news" for Trump that he's only facing two charges, but then makes a joke that "it's kind of sad" there are only two charges, since other presidents such as Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson had more. "Trump will have the smallest impeachment of all time," Noah quips. "You know that's going to make him insecure."

And with that, he launches into an impression of the president. "It's not about the size of impeachment, it's about the friction of the conviction."

Watch the whole clip below.