Trevor Noah's 'The Daily Show' Broadcasts Live From "Election Fallout Shelter": "I've Already Thrown Up on Myself"

Trevor Noah's The Daily Show continued their election tradition by hosting a live election-night special Tuesday night. The one-hour broadcast, Votegasm 2020: What Could Go Wrong? (Again), appeared live on both coasts as the country awaited the results in the Donald Trump versus Joe Biden presidential race.

The late-night host broadcasted from his "special election fallout shelter" stocked with items such as hand sanitizer, board games, toilet paper, a boombox and surrounded by boarded up windows.

"I've already thrown up on myself and I've had time to clean it up," Noah quipped. He was later joined by Roy Wood Jr., who brought liquor and discussed the current race stats.

"Trump has started out strong because he's looking good in North Carolina and he's probably going to win Florida," Noah said, admitting he's surprised about Trump's popularity in Florida. "He's the ultimate Florida mascot," the late-night host said.

Wood Jr. joked that he wasn't shocked given Florida consists of "strange people in pickup trucks."

With rappers such as Lil Pump (who Trump referred to as "Lil Pimp" at a rally) and Lil Wayne showing support for Trump ahead of the election, Noah expressed his disappointment. "A pump and a pimp are very different things. If your basement is flooded and a pimp shows up, that's not going to end well."

But after Eminem endorsed Biden for president, Wood Jr. joked: "Who would've thought in 2020 that the white rappers would be with Biden and the Black rappers would be with Trump?"

As a record number of voters stand in line awaiting to cast their votes, Jordan Klepper broadcast from New York where he chatted with voters in line about why they were voting on Election Day and who they were voting for. When meeting an undecided voter, Klepper tossed a coin to help the voter decide whether to vote for Trump or Biden. When another voter admitted she intends on surviving the night by drinking, Klepper agreed. "You're taking my strategy," he said.

After learning voters in New Jersey voted to legalize marijuana and Washington D.C. decriminalized mushrooms, Noah said, "If Trump wins again, all drugs should just become legal. We cannot go through the next four years sober. I need heroin gummies, at least."

Later in the show, Don Cheadle joined Noah for a discussion. The actor said he describes himself as a "single issue Dem voter." When asked what that issue is, the Black Monday star said "whoever can beat this Orange dude."

Cheadle, who has been outspoken about voter suppression, says that he hopes there is going to be a "continuing fight" post-election. "The voter turnout this year before today is unbelievable. Clearly people are inspired and they're energized and that energy is going to have to keep going," he said.

After later hearing Trump was declared winner of Alabama, Noah said the win wasn't shocking. "Alabama loves football which is Trump's exact body shape so that wasn't really a surprise," he said. Meanwhile when Biden was declared winner of Arizona, Noah joked: "That means Trump hugged all those cactuses for nothing."

Later, The Daily Show correspondent Jaboukie Young-White joined Noah and admitted that instead of joining the Trump headquarters, he wants to sleep through the rest of the night in an "elective coma," but his insurance policy doesn't cover that. "That's why we need Medicare for all," he quipped. Meanwhile, senior correspondent Michael Kosta reported from Biden's headquarters and admitted since everyone continues to be in waiting mode, he's decided to write erotic election fan fiction.

This year marked a new installment in the traditional election night broadcast for The Daily Show. The special provided real-time news and analysis, along with guest interviews such as Cheadle and Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom, as well as coverage from Daily Show correspondents including Desi Lydic, Dulcé Sloan, Young-White, Ronny Chieng, Kosta, Wood Jr. and Klepper. During commercial breaks, viewers could participate in a Trump Twitter trivia and read "election fun facts."

The late-night franchise has provided live coverage of Election Night since the year 2000. In addition to on-air coverage, the full episode will be available to stream live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and provide continuous content across the show’s social platforms as the night progresses.

Stephen Colbert's The Late Show was another late-night show airing live during election night.

Watch Votegasm 2020: What Could Go Wrong? (Again), below.