Tribeca: 'Broad City' Team on Abbi-Ilana Hookup Possibility, Best Star Cameos

At the Comedy Central show’s Tribeca Film Festival panel Sunday, moderator — and notorious 'Broad City' guest star — Kelly Ripa asked Jacobson and Glazer point-blank: “When will you get married?”
Brad Barket / Getty Images

Broad City is about a dynamic friend duo at its core, but many viewers have been rallying for Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana (Ilana Glazer) to take their relationship to the next level. But that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

At the Comedy Central show’s Tribeca Film Festival panel Sunday, moderator — and notorious Broad City guest star — Kelly Ripa asked Jacobson and Glazer point-blank: “When will you get married?”

“I think they are married already in the way that they need to be right now,” Glazer responded. “I think, also, pretty sure they're not gonna hook up. It's just that part of friendship we experience. … It's like New York. It's part of the show and not a plot point. It's a feeling that will always be part of the show. It's a general romance that we don't want to lose if it becomes super hotly sexual.”

Writer-director Lucia Aniello suggested they should “just be in the porn parody” of the show, and Paul W. Downs raised the idea of them being grieving widows who care for each other in the future, while Jacobson suggested it “would almost ruin the amazing friendship” that she and Glazer have off-screen.

Ripa seemed most excited at the panel about the show's fantastic celebrity guest stars. Jacobson said she didn’t think Hillary Clinton actually saw the pegging episode referenced in her cameo, but Whoopi Goldberg was definitely a fan before appearing as her Sister Act character in season three.

“She’s sitting there and goes, ‘I know a Bevers!’ ” Jacobson revealed. Glazer added how sweet Goldberg was during filming. “Whoopi was so generous with her face and with her brand. She was going back in time for us and she looks exactly the same. We could not believe she was down.”

Ripa pointed out that her guest appearance is her most complimented role to date. “I've worked on-camera for 27 years, and all anyone ever says to me is, ‘I loved you on Broad City!’ ” she said, adding that it made her 14-year-old daughter’s friends think she’s cool.

During the audience Q&A, a fan read a recent Mindy Kaling quote about people assuming that she is just like her character, because she stars as Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project, while men don’t typically run into that problem.

“I love that quote,” Glazer said immediately. “Because we're young, people feel like we are theirs more than older dudes. I like that it's my name. It should be our names. We almost called ourselves Evelyn and Carly, like 'Haha, good one.' It is also freaky. Do I belong to the world now? It is challenging in a way.” Jacobson added that she hopes people see they’re “pretty different” from their characters.

As the team heads back into the writers’ room for the next two seasons, Ripa questioned how they’ll keep things fresh. “There's a little bit of a pressure cooker feeling that keeps it alive,” Aniello said. “We don't have the luxury of time for things to feel stale.”

“We have a luxury of writing the whole season before we start shooting since we're in it, too,” Jacobson added. “By the time we get on set, it’s been worked through and everyone who works on the show adds their own flavor … jokes and their own little spice.”

It was apparent throughout the panel that Ripa is a superfan of the show, grilling Glazer about why Ilana and Lincoln had to break up. “Ilana was met with reality and consequence this season, and that was really delicious even when it hurt,” Glazer responded. “We are getting older. How long are we going to do this? It stretched it out to allow room to grow.”

Broad City’s season three finale airs Wednesday, April 20, at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.