'True Blood': All's Fair in Love and Witch War?

Sookie and Eric are separated in a bloody battle with the witches.
Alexander Skarsgard and Anna Paquin on HBO's "True Blood."

Love bites on HBO's True Blood on Sunday as we watched some characters unite and others separate in an episode that culminates in the second big battle between the witches and the vampires.

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Marnie-Antonia (or “Martonia” as the show’s fandom has begun calling her) was unsuccessful in her first strike against the area's vampires. She only killed one vampire and no one really cared about the loss of some strange housewife. Bill (Stephen Moyer) arrived on the scene and explained it away as a suicide.

At the end of the last episode, it looked as if we may be losing Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), as well. Of course, True Blood hasn’t exactly given fans any reason to believe that it would actually kill off a major character. So, we weren’t surprised to see that Jason (Ryan Kwanten) was able to push her back inside before her burning skin released one snap, crackle, pop.

That did give them a chance to make out (only slightly less hot with all the blood that covered Jessica) and pretty much led to her breaking up with Hoyt (Jim Parrack). Does anyone else think that Parrack really delivered in that scene? After giving her what’s what, Hoyt rescinded his invitation and she was pulled out of the house. Bravo. She later went to Jason’s house and he did the same thing upon hearing she dropped his best friend. Do you think he’ll eventually give in to her? We can only hope. That’s bad, we know. But, eh, we like our vampires and our Jason Stackhouse bad.

With nightfall, the vampires were safe from sure death. Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) took full advantage of the opportunity of mutual intoxication by swapping blood. That led to a shower scene. We haven’t read the books, so we’re not sure if this is the one readers have been anticipating. We found it a bit underwhelming compared to the full moon episode two weeks earlier. Was that what you we all looking forward to? If so, we thought it would represent a major shift in the couple’s romance and we’re not sure it did that.

We were more intrigued by the conversation they had about whether or not to run away together. It basically made us yearn for Eric’s former self. Thankfully, Sookie was there to remind him that they couldn’t walk away from this war with the witches and especially from Bill. The real Eric would have never done such a thing. And after what Bill had done to save his life not once, but twice now (first, by not executing him and second, by warning him of Martonia’s spell), Sookie was right in saying they had to stay and fight.

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Meanwhile, Bill set up a midnight meeting with Martonia (Fiona Shaw) to make a peace treaty of some sort. They were to come alone, but both of them brought some back up. It was a thrilling standoff that placed Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Sookie on opposite sides of the conflict. When Sookie realized that Martonia was casting a spell, all hell broke loose and the witch brought a fog down on the action. During the standoff, Bill once again proved his loyalty to Sookie by forcing Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) to release her death grip on Tara.

But, what of the new lovers, Sookie and Eric? When the episode ends, Sookie was able to fend off an attacker with her microwave hands only to be shot by someone. Thankfully, Alcide (Joe Manganiello) had heard something was going down that night and arrived in time to carry Sookie off to safety with a jealous Debbie (Brit Morgan) secretly watching on. Yet, the jury’s out on how safe Sookie is with Alcide with Debbie around.

Then, Eric found himself face-to-face with Martonia and her powers were too strong for him. When we last saw them, he was on his knees before her as she caressed his head as if he was her obedient puppy and the fog seemed to clear. We can only imagine that she will use the capture to force the vampires to stand down. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

Other notable events:

-- Adventures in cross-dressing: As we suspected, Tommy (Marshall Allman) is using his newfound skinwalking abilities to cheat Miss Fortenberry (Dale Raoul) of the money she’d receive for her house. He did so by assuming her identity and her, um, unique fashion taste.

-- The ghost of the woman who believes Arlene’s (Carrie Preston) baby is hers possesses Lafayette. We almost included him in the above category, but he was wearing his own garb – a pink off-the-shoulder top and matching do rag that worked perfectly whether he was possessed by a strange ghostly woman or not.

-- And Sam’s (Sam Trammell) luck with the ladies hasn’t gotten any better. Wolf pack leader Marcus (Daniel Buran) has discovered he’s dating Luna (Janina Gavankar) and we’re thinking things are about to get very bad for all of them.


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