'True Blood' Creator Alan Ball Bids Farewell With Bloody Season 5 Finale (Video)

Showrunners Alan Ball Headshot

True Blood creator Alan Ball’s final episode as showrunner aired on Sunday night. The season five finale was one of the craziest ever, and that’s saying a lot for this show.

Ball, who will take on a less demanding role as executive producer, passes the torch of showrunner on to Mark Hudis for season six.

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Ball spoke directly to the fans in a video before the finale, saying that the season five episode was one of his favorites, and thanking fans for their passionate loyalty to the show. (Watch the video below.)

"I have to admit when I first started working on this show, the passion of some of the fans kind of scared me," he says. "But after five years, I live for it."

Ball spoke to The Hollywood Reporter earlier in the season, and said he’s very confident that the show will continue to excel without him as showrunner.

“All the writers that I’ve been working with since the beginning are pretty much all still there,” Ball told THR. “I don’t think it will change that much, and if it does change a little, that’s good. It grows and expands.”

“I feel really blessed to have been a part of this experience because it really is special,” he added.

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After the bloody, dramatic finale of True Blood aired, Ball participated in a online chat with fans on Monday. He told fans that Hudis would be able to handle the demands of being a showrunner for the HBO drama.

"He knows what he's doing, he's run shows before, he's been a writer-producer on this show for two seasons and has written and produced some really excellent episodes," Ball said. "I'm just asking him and the writing staff to keep making True Blood ... True Blood."

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Ball added that he’ll really miss some of the characters he’s developed over the past five seasons.

"I love all the characters deeply, but the most fun for me to write are Jason, Lafayette and Russell Edgington. They each have such a distinctive voice,” he added.

Ball will be plenty busy without his showrunner post. He’s executive producing the Cinemax show Banshee, which follows an ex-con who takes on the role of sheriff of Banshee, Penn., and imposes his own brand of justice.

Watch Ball’s farewell video below.