'True Blood' Finale Recap: Two Deaths and a Time Jump

John P. Johnson/HBO

Season six of HBO's True Blood wrapped up on Sunday night with an episode full of surprises, namely the possible death of a fan favorite character. Additionally, Sookie and Warlow's wedding day arrives, but it doesn't go as planned, to say the least. There's also a significant time jump in the episode, which sets up some major showdowns for next season.

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Sookie and Warlow's Wedding

Sookie arrives at the secret fairy hideout to see Warlow preparing for their wedding. She asks if they can just date for a while instead. He gets very pissed and slaps her and then nearly strangles her. Warlow's true colors are finally revealed as he ties Sookie up with plans to make her "his" whether she likes it or not.

Bill, who no longer has his extra powers after giving most of his blood to the other vampires, decides to help save Sookie after Jessica encourages him to help her. He uses Andy's half fairy daughter to get Bill into the fairy land. Bill and Warlow fight. The fight moves back to the real-world realm of Sookie's house.

Bill can't enter the house because he was uninvited. But Grandpa Niall and Jason help protect Sookie, staking Warlow once and for all.

Eric Meets the Sun?

We see that Eric has chosen to take a little vacation, doing some reading (naked -- hello full frontal!) in the snow. But his magic day-walking blood wears off and he begins to fry. He screams, and it looks like it might be the end for Eric. But can that really be the case? We just spent several episodes dealing with the death of Terry, and yet the show is going to kill off one of the most beloved characters in the blink of an eye? We doubt it, but it sure looks like he's toast.

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Six Months Later

About halfway through the episode, there's a time jump, and we're in Bon Temps six months in the future. There's been quite a bit of change in town. Sookie seems to be dating Alcide, Bill wrote a book, Sam is the mayor and Arlene is running Merlotte's, now called Bellefleur’s.

Also, humans are being paired with vampires in order to have protection from the vampires who have been infected by Hep V. The episode ends with a gang of infected vampires arriving in Bon Temps to do some damage.

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