'True Blood' Finale: What the Viewers Are Saying

Tears, shock, and denial, you experienced it all after watching the final episode of Season 4.

Here we are at the end of another season of HBO’s True Blood. The fourth season finale was packed full of twists and turns and many of you had something to say about the episode titled "And When I Die."

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The finale seemed to do everything more than once. We said a sad goodbye to Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), a swift execution style so long to Nan (Jessica Tuck) and a "don’t let death’s door hit your a— on the way out this time" to Marnie (Fiona Shaw). And since we never know if someone is done until we see it with our own eyes -- and sometimes not even then-- Tara (Rutina Wesley) may have given her life to save Sookie’s (Anna Paquin).

Viewers are also faced with a couple returns. Russell Edgington’s grave has been dug up and he’s at large. Meanwhile the Fellowship of the Sun’s Steve Newlin (Michael McMillin) will have to send his membership card back, because he’s a fanger through and through now.

Some of you felt the show did its job in keeping you entertained and surprised. Others claimed the finale didn’t live up to their expectations. Here are the opinions that got our attention.

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"Totes #teamjessicajason #trueblood season finale def epic." – arewekidding

"Omg. I have never cried over #TrueBlood but Lafayette and Jesus saying goodbye....tears everywhere man." – LoveThatPenguin

"So I just watched #TrueBlood season finale. I'm at a loss of words... Tara dead and Jesus too.." -- paco_jones82

"Bill and Eric working together is spectacularly hot. That's the best thing to come out of this season. Besides Eric naked. #TrueBlood" -- AlexxRaven91

"#TrueBlood finale felt like a Mexican soap opera, except for the last 10 minutes when it all when to hell. Alan Ball, you've done it again." -- NeNe_28

"This #TrueBlood season finale is complete a--.. What a disappointment!!" -- iSFGiants

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"So f--king pissed!!!!! Why does everybody have to die ! I didn't want Tara to die! OMG #trueblood" -- JAYBEAUTYY

"#TrueBlood what can I say? I saw some of it coming but as usual they shocked me on a few things. Just once I wish Sam wasn’t in danger!" – restlessinvb

"#ThingsThatShouldBeBanned #trueblood" -- amandat581

"#TrueBlood finale was just like the rest of the season - good stuff for the other characters wrapped up in ridiculous Sookie bulls--t." -- Bizeau

“Great to see Gran back, but goodness does she look awful. #TrueBlood” – DropofTrueBlood

"just watched the season finale of #trueblood ... all I have to say is #WTF ... I saw none of the ending happening!!" – iAmAdahl

"Still shocked from the season finale of #trueblood. When they teased "blood will spill" last week, I didn't think it would be a bloodbath!" -- isn855

"My Jaws literally dropped to the ground!!!!!! #TrueBlood ... Wow what a way to end the season! S--t about to get real." -- JCNL3

"#trueblood made me cry tonight" – MsAlyssaLashay

What was your take on Season 4’s finale? Sound off in the comments section below.


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