'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere Recap: Kill Bill

Tara, Sookie and Nora
John P. Johnson/HBO

In the bloody conclusion of Season 5, Tara (Rutina Wesley), Sookie and Nora (Lucy Griffiths) broke into the Authority complex, killing the multiple guards, in order to retrieve a few of their friends.

Welcome back Truebies!

As usual, True Blood starts up exactly where it left off at the end of the previous season.

That means the first shot we see of season six is a scared-looking Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), who are staring at Bill (Stephen Moyer) being reborn as a bloody mess -- aka the reincarnation of powerful vampire Lilith.

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Prison Run
Sookie and Eric make a run for it, as new/evil Bill terrorizes the Vampire Authority complex. Also escaping from the complex are Jason (Ryan Kwanten), Tara (Rutina Wesley), Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Nora (Lucy Griffiths). The ragtag, bloodied and bruised group ends up reuniting with Sookie and Eric outside the complex and they all leave together.

Sam’s Going Solo
We first find Sam (Sam Trammell) trying to save Luna (Janina Gavankar), who is suffering after shifting into Steve Newlin at the end of season five. But she asks Sam to just take care of her shape-shifting daughter. And then she dies. He’s responsible for little Emma now.

Kill Bill?
Nora says that if Bill is indeed the reincarnation of Lilith they need to kill him ASAP, which makes Jessica upset.

Jessica is “called” by Bill, and so she physically can’t resist going to him. Sookie goes along, and when they find Bill, Eric and Nora appear to attack him. But before Bill can kill Eric, Sookie stabs him straight through the back. But Bill is clearly no ordinary vampire now, and pulls the stake out of his chest.

Bill claims that he means no harm to anyone and that he’s not Lilith, but rather a super-sized form of Bill. Sookie tells him to leave forever, but Jessica comes to his defense and says Bill is staying and Sookie, Eric and Nora should just get on out of there.

It turns out that Bill’s new powers include stopping things from falling with his mind. He also hears Lilith (that naked bloody vampire lady) calling him from the other room.

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Jason vs. Warlow
Jason is on the hunt for Warlow, the vampire who killed his parents. He points a gun at Nora to get her to tell him what she knows, but Sookie defends her, which sends Jason running.

He ends up getting into a car with a complete stranger (never a great idea) and, after sharing his whole life story with the man, Jason discovers that this man has some connection to Warlow! When Jason realizes this, the man disappears out of the car, which then starts to veer out of control off the road.

Tru Blood Shortage
Since those Tru Blood factories were blown up, there’s been an increase in humans being eaten. The Louisiana governor announces that there will be a vampire curfew, forcing vampires to remain indoors after sundown. He is also closing down all vampire-run businesses.

The governor meets with the owners of the Tru Blood company and offers to be a silent partner and let them use his warehouse. But what’s in it for him? He claims he simply wants the vampires to get their blood so they’ll stop eating humans. Do we believe him? Maybe not.

Pam’s Broken Heart
Pam is really bummed that Eric doesn’t care about her anymore. She goes back to Fangtasia with Tara, who tries to comfort her, but Pam tells her that they aren’t about to embark on some “epic love story” and that Tara can never replace Eric. Then, the police bust into Fangtasia to tell Pam that her business has to shut down. Tara tries to defend her, which gets her shot.

Alcide Gets Meaty
Apparently the only way to become packmaster is to take a bite out of the dead body of the previous packmaster, so that’s exactly what Alcide (Joe Manganiello) does.

After running around in the woods for a while, Alcide gets some lovin’ from a couple of werewolf ladies who are battling for his affection. Hello threesome in the woods!

Favorite lines of the night:

"I hate the beach. Fish piss and sand in your cooch."
— Pam

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