'True Blood' Recap: An Eternity With Warlow?

Sookie (Anna Paquin) must decide if she's willing to spend forever with Warlow in order to save her vampire friends.

This week on True Blood, Bill continues on his mission to save his fellow vampires from the true death in Vamp Camp, Alcide finally makes a decision regarding his pack and Sookie has to make her own choice when it comes to her future with Warlow.

Sookie and Her Men

Eric is mourning the loss of his sister, Nora, but Bill demands that Eric put his grief aside so that they can help break the other vampires out of vamp camp. They fight, and Eric leaves Bill's home with no plans to work with him.

Later, Eric finds Adilyn, Andy's half-fairy daughter, and takes a big bite out of her.

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Sookie returns to the fairy hideaway and lets Warlow feed off her. Sookie asks Warlow to do a favor for her and her friends. He refuses at first, but says that he'll do it on the condition that Sookie will become his -- forever. Sookie says she's needs to think it over.

Sookie goes to Bill's to talk about the plan. He plans to give all the vampires some of Warlow's blood so they can survive the light. He promises that no harm will come to Warlow because Bill still needs his blood. She decides that she'll help him.

But when they arrive at Warlow's hideout, he's been attacked.

"Who did this to you?" Sookie yells.

Warlow doesn't respond but Bill says: "Eric."

Werewolf Woes

After discovering that Alcide didn't kill off Nicole and her mom, the pack turns on Alcide. Rikki challenges him because she's sure that Alcide won't kill her. She's proven right.

Alcide leaves his pack and goes to find Sam. He returns Nicole and her mother to Sam.

Shifter Sam gets a sniff of Nicole and realizes that she's pregnant. He asks her to stay with him in Bon Temps.

Randomly at this point, Sookie interrupts and asks Sam if they should be together. We're not sure why this is happening now, and neither is Sam. He tells Sookie that Nicole is pregnant (although she doesn't know it yet).

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Vamp Camp

Jason has become the toy of one of the female vamp prisoners, Violet. She tells him that she plans on feeding off him as often as she likes.

Pam is let back into general population after she sleeps with her vamp shrink. The tainted True Blood is passed out to the vampires, but Pam, Tara, Jessica and Jessica's new love interest James are aware that it's poisoned. James also tells Steve Newlin that it's poisoned.

Sarah Newlin arrives at the Vamp Camp and grills Steve about the fact that some of the vampires aren't drinking the True Blood. Steve turn on James and reveals that the vampires know the drink is poisoned with Hep V.

All of the vampires that are not drinking the True Blood are put in a room together -- a room that looks like the one from Bill's vision where they will meet the sun.

Sarah Newlin is visited by the woman who runs the True Blood company, and she becomes aware of what Sarah has been really up to. This leads to a crazy girl fight between the two of them, and Sarah kills the woman with her own high heel. It's one of the stranger scenes we've ever seen on this show.

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