'True Blood' Recap: Breaking Out of Vamp Camp

The residents of Bon Temps deal with the death of one of the friends, while the vampires are still in danger in prison.

This week on True Blood, Terry's (Todd Lowe) friends and family are dealing with the shock and sadness of his untimely death. At the same time, the vampires are still threatened by the vamp camp and the Hep V virus that is now being put into True Blood bottles.

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Prison Break

Eric is determined to get Nora (who has been injected with the deadly Hep V) out of the vamp camp. He grabs a ride on the bottom of a truck and gets them the heck out of there.

Back in the prison, Willa, now aware that the humans are spiking True Blood with the deadly virus, warns Pam not to drink it. They decide to only tell Jessica and Tara about this information so the prison guards don't realize that everyone knows about the Hep V.

Eric brings Nora to Bill, asking him to give her some of his blood to heal her. But Nora refuses because she doesn't want that crazy Lilith blood in her body.

Bill reveals that he's on his way to find Warlow and asks Eric to come with him. He wants to do whatever he can to stop his vision of the vampires meeting the true death from coming true. Eric agrees to help him -- if he helps Nora.

But Bill's blood does not help Nora, and Eric has to say goodbye to his sister at the end of the episode.

Sarah Newlin on a Mission

Sarah Newlin arrives at the governor's home to find him dead and headless in the backyard. She has an emotional talk with his decapitated head (gross) and promises to avenge his death.

She decides to trick the public into thinking that the governor is still alive and in hiding so that the tainted true blood can make its way to the shelves.

The death of the governor means that Jason no longer has any leverage over Sarah, so she has his arm cut and has him thrown into the female prison to be killed. Tara is there to protect him; however, the leader of the prison gang of women has her eye on Jason.

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Wolf Pack

Sam finds out about Terry's death and decides he has to go back to Bon Temps despite having been banished by Alcide. He sends Nicole away with her mom.

Alcide tells the pack that "Sam Merlotte and the girl are dead." But, of course, the pack has caught Nicole and her mom, so they know Alcide is lying.

Mourning Terry

Sookie leaves Warlow in their hidden fairy wonderland because she hears Arlene crying over Terry's grave. Sookie tells Arlene she has to tell the children.

Arlene and Sookie meet up with Lafayette. Lafayette takes Sookie to find out what is in the safety deposit box that Terry had. It turns out to be a life insurance plan, which makes them realize that Terry had his death planned.

They return from their outing to find Arlene drunk. Sookie meets Andy's half-fairy daughter, but their meeting is interrupted when Bill walks in -- in broad daylight.

He asks Sookie to bring him Warlow because he needs more of Warlow's blood in order to save his fellow vampires from meeting the sun in vamp camp.

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True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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