'True Blood' Season 4 Premiere: What The Critics Are Saying

The show generally received high marks for pleasing its eager fans.
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Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton on "True Blood."

HBO’s True Blood premiered its Season 4 on Sunday to an always-enthusiastic audience of "Truebies," but could their fandom cloud their judgment? And is what we called “a well-played move by the producers to give the series a slight reboot” in the minority opinion?

We checked in with our colleagues’ reviews to see if they wanted more or if they drew blood.

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Hitfix.com gave up looking for meaning in the series and decided to just accept that “True Blood is violent, gory, [and] flippantly funny.” That doesn’t mean its critic has let go of all that he believes the show does wrong. He goes on to say the series premiere had “too many new characters, not enough time with the characters I like, a general evasion of the most prickly parts of last season's finale, some plodding hints at a lumbering dramatic direction for this season and some breasts.”

The Washington Post’s critic shared some of the same criticisms. He says the series “has lost some of its sheen between last summer and now. The new episodes push the saga in a few initially intriguing directions, but the cast keeps expanding into an overpopulated mishmash of disparate story threads that no longer weave together as a whole.” Yet, also like the previous critic, he believes that the show is giving its fans what they want, saying “do not take this as a threat of abandonment. The True Blood that fans crave is intact and addictive; it’s just more tiresome. Still, if there’s another TV show that can approach its ability to meld melodramatic horror, fun and social metaphor, I haven’t seen it.”

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Also noting its large cast and the show’s penchant for covering too many stories in one episode, The Fort Worth Star Telegram’s critic was happy it stuck to Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) time jump plotline for about 20 minutes. All things considered, he says, “The writing has more than enough humor to show that the series isn't taking itself too seriously. Season 4 is off to a faster start than Season 3, and that's pretty promising, because this is a show that tends to get better as it goes along.”

Do you agree with what the critics are saying? What was your take on the show’s Season 4 premiere?

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