'True Blood' Season 5 Teaser: Terry Faces His Demons (Video)

In a new "Waiting Sucks" clip from HBO, the former soldier and Scott Foley's Patrick find themselves on the dangerous end of a gun.
Todd Lowe and Scott Foley from HBO's "True Blood."

After all that he’s done to get over his PTSD from his time in Iraq, Terry (Todd Lowe) will be facing some personal demons on the upcoming fifth season of HBO’s True Blood.

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In a new “Waiting Sucks” teaser, Terry and his former platoon leader, Patrick (Scott Foley), are being cornered by someone with a gun. They seem to know the person who keeps asking, “Did anything follow you here?” Note, he’s saying “anything” not “anyone.”

Foley first appeared on last season’s finale and we learned that Terry believed he was dead. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to writer and executive producer Alexander Woo at the time about what Patrick brings to the series.

“Terry has bottled up a lot of his own past, so much so that it’s not even clear how much Arlene [Carrie Preston] really knows about his past,” Woo told THR. “So, when you have someone from his past coming in, you can probably piece together that this is going to be a struggle for Terry.”

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It’s unclear whether Patrick is a good guy or a villain, but Woo said neither should be assumed about the character. At any rate, he does make life more difficult for Terry.

In many ways, it’s actually a very human and relatable story,” he said. “And anyone who’s been through a traumatic period and has put that behind them knows that when you have a reminder -- it doesn’t even need to happen in a supernatural show -- the drama can be very real.”

Supernatural or not, Patrick's return clearly falls into HBO’s tagline for the upcoming season, “nothing stays buried forever.”

Watch the new teaser featuring Terry and Patrick below.

True Blood returns Sunday, June 10, at 9 p.m. on HBO.


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