TV Characters Gone Too Soon: From 'True Blood' and 'Lost' to 'Parks and Recreation'

With Sunday’s episode of the vampire drama killing off a major character, THR mourns the loss of some of the best people (and one animal) who departed TV far too early.

Nothing is more shocking than when a major and often beloved character is suddenly killed off your favorite TV show.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode of True Blood. Or any of these shows, actually.]

So when Sunday’s episode of True Blood saw Christopher Meloni’s Roman meeting the True Death at the hands of the evil Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare), it came as a pretty big surprise.

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Meloni’s appearance on the show had been built up for months, so for the former Law & Order: SVU star to be killed off after just a few episodes seems like a very surprising move for HBO. (Granted, at the end of the episode, Roman hadn’t quite exploded into a pile of blood and guts, so some part of us holds on to the hope that he hasn’t met the true, true death. Clearly, we’re still in denial.)

With Meloni’s staking fresh in our mind, The Hollywood Reporter writes short letters of love for some other TV characters whose runs were cut far too short.

Roman (Christopher Meloni) – HBO’s True Blood
His extremely long and dramatic monologues will be forever burned in our memories. We’ll never forget the time he staked that kid.

Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) – AMC’s The Walking Dead
"Love thy neighbor as thyself." P.S. Carl says he's sorry.

Ned Stark (Sean Bean) -- HBO's Game of Thrones
Heads did roll for the former hand of the king. He was a wonderful father, a fair ruler and King Joffrey should pay for his sins!
Jimmy (Michael Pitt) -- HBO's Boardwalk Empire
Father and extremely, really, desperately beloved son -- and lover.

Lil’ Sebastian — NBC’s Parks and Recreation
He was anything but lil’. We hope he’s eating carrots and urinating freely in mini-horse heaven.

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Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) -- Fox's Fringe
Killed in action, though we didn't know it because his likeness was stolen by a shape-shifter. (Sorry about the late memorial.)
Dana (Erin Daniels) -- Showtime's The L Word
Daughter, friend, LGBT trailblazer, tennis champion and the glue that held us together. We really miss her.

Sgt. James Doakes (Erik King) — Showtime’s Dexter
His killer instincts made him a top cop with a ruthless edge. His fiery demise was not in vain – it lead to the closing of the Bay Harbor Butcher case … for now.

Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) — ABC’s Lost
A religious man, he survived implosions and polar bar attacks only to be taken from this world by a smoke monster.

Keith Scott (Craig Sheffer) — CW’s One Tree Hill
Taken from this world (by his brother) far too early. We’ll miss him (until he appears in a hallucination or two).