'True Blood's' Alan Ball on His New Show on 'Skinemax'

The creator of "Banshee" tells THR that after HBO passed and its sister network picked up the show, "I never felt like 'that's a step down.'"
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This story first appeared in the Jan. 18 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The buzzed-about pulp thriller series Banshee, debuting Jan. 11, originally was developed by Alan Ball for HBO, home to his True Blood.

But the network passed on the small-town drama, and its sluttier sister, Cinemax -- beginning to experiment with its own prestige-minded original programming -- picked it up.

TV REVIEW: Alan Ball's 'Banshee'

"I never felt like, 'Skinemax, that's a step down,' " says Ball. "If [the executives] are looking to redefine it, that's great. When we were at HBO, we were dialing back on the pulp nature. At Cinemax, we went to our original pitch again: high-octane entertainment, violent and clever, yet complex. It also allows us to treat the sexuality in the show in a very frank and adult manner. We don't have to hold back."