'True Blood's' Marshall Allman Shows the New Girl How Shapeshifting's Done (Video)

Newest shapeshifter, Janina Gavanker, gets a confusing lesson from her costar.
John P. Johnson/HBO
Marshall Allman as Tommy on "True Blood."

There’s been a supernatural swell on True Blood’s Season 4, including a new group of shapeshifters.

Janina Gavankar joins this season as a spooky new shifter and romantic interest for Sam (Sam Trammell) whose understanding of her powers takes some interesting forms… But, while she plays a much more experienced shifter on the show, she’s still a newbie to playing the role.

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So in this FunnyOrDie.com video, Marshall Allman, who has one season under his belt now as Sam’s brother Tommy, shows the actress how it’s done -- sort of.

Watch the hilarious video below.

Warning: This video contains some NSFW content.

Method Shapeshifting with Marshall Allman from Janina Gavankar


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