'True Detective' Episode 2: That Really Was Rick Springfield

The singer-actor is one of many familiar faces popping up in sesaon two.
Rick Springfield on 'True Detective'

Episode two of True Detective's second season eased up on the literary allusions, but it doubled down on the number of familiar faces popping up onscreen.

One face in particular popped out: Rick Springfield, the '80s rocker and off-and-on General Hospital star, played the therapist who has been treating murder victim Ben Caspere.

Looking like a cross between late-era Johnny Depp and William Fichtner, Springfield's character holds the screen opposite Ani (Rachel McAdams) and Ray (Colin Farrell). Springfield hasn't exactly given up acting — he guested on an episode of Drop Dead Diva in 2014 and popped up on GH as recently as 2013. Still, seeing him in this context is enough to throw a viewer off her game.

Here's a guide to some of the other actors on True Detective this season, along with a handful of references from Sunday's second episode.

W. Earl Brown: Best known as Al Swearengen's (Ian McShane) muscle Dan Dority on Deadwood, Brown is playing Ray's partner, Teague Dixon. He also co-starred on ABC's American Crime in 2014-15.

"Church in Ruins": The singer-songwriter Lera Lynn makes another appearance at the bar where Ray meets Frank (Vince Vaughn), singing this downbeat number.

Ritchie Coster: Vinci's mayor is played by veteran character actor Coster, late of HBO's Luck.

Lolita Davidovich: That was her as Paul's (Taylor Kitsch) mom, who was, uh, not acting terribly maternal toward her son when he told her he was going to be away for a while.

James Frain: The prolific Brit (Agent Carter, Intruders, The White Queen) plays Ray's superior officer, Lt. Kevin Burris.

"I Pity the Fool": This blues chestnut by Bobby "Blue" Bland provides an on-the-nose music cue for the scene in which Ray is checking out the Hollywood bungalow Caspere owned — you know, just before he gets shot.

C.S. Lee: The former Dexter star is playing one of the people heading the state investigation in Vinci.

Yara Martinez: The Jane the Virgin actress is playing Felicia, a kindly bar waitress who has a soft spot for Ray.

Stonewood Center: The mall in Downey, Calif., an interior L.A. County city, is the backdrop for the tense meeting between Ray and his ex-wife (Abigail Spencer).

"What a Way to Go": The closing credits tune is a song by John Paul White, formerly of The Civil Wars. Again, perhaps a bit on the nose.

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