HBO Releases New 'True Detective' Trailer, Unveils Poster (Video)

The detective crime series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson debuts Sunday, Jan. 12.

HBO has released a second full-length trailer for the Matthew McConaughey-Woody Harrelson crime drama True Detective.

In the eight-episode series debuting Sunday, Jan. 12, at 9 p.m., Detectives Rust Cohle's (McConaughey) and Martin Hart's (Harrelson) lives become entangled while on a 17-year search for a serial killer in Louisiana. While the first trailer, released in September, introduced the the sleepy Southern town where the show is set, this one doles out more exposition.

VIDEO: HBO's First 'True Detective' Trailer Debuts

Following the murder of a woman, Rust -- established as a "pessimist" -- is sure that the killer will strike again. "This is gonna happen again," he lazily drawls. His partner kicks off the search with a declaration: "We got a rabid dog out there somewhere. We gotta put him down." As the trailer plays, it becomes clear that both Rust and Martin lead extremely damaged lives.

Watch the new trailer and check out the poster below.

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