Even 'True Detective's' Detectives Have Trouble Following the Case

The characters lay out a number of facts in episode 7, but loose ends still abound.
Courtesy of HBO

Anyone who's had difficulty following the many ins, outs and dead ends of the case on True Detective season two has some company: the show's lead characters.

About two-thirds of the way through Sunday's penultimate episode of the season, Ani (Rachel McAdams), Ray (Colin Farrell) and Paul (Taylor Kitsch) go over everything they know about the murder of Ben Caspere, his ties to the high-speed rail land grab and just what the heck those blue diamonds have to do with anything.

Twice in the scene, someone says, "It doesn't make sense." It ends with Ani literally throwing up her hands and groaning. Which, to read social media, is just what more than just a few viewers have done over the course of the season.

Still, the conversation, along with a couple other scenes elsewhere in the episode, lays out more than anyone  characters or audience  has put together thus far. Here are the relevant details.

- Current Vinci PD Chief Holloway (Afemo Omilami), Lt. Burris (James Frain) and the late Teague Dixon all worked for the LAPD during the 1992 riots, as did Caspere. Ray, Ani and Paul theorize they were all in on the diamond robbery and used the proceeds to help grease their way into inflated salaries in Vinci a few years later.

- As previously established, Dixon knew about the diamonds before Caspere was murdered. Perhaps he was using that knowledge as some kind of leverage over Caspere?

- Paul thinks because of that, and because of Burris' connection to another figure in the episode four shootout, Dixon may have been a target rather than just collateral damage.

- Following Caspere's death, Mayor Chessani's (Ritchie Coster) son and Russian gangster Osip (Timothy V. Murphy) bought up Caspere's shares in the rail corridor land at a steep discount, freezing Frank (Vince Vaughn) out in the process. The deal was arranged by Catalyst, which employs the security firm that used to be Paul's Black Mountain outfit.

- Also! Erica (Courtney Halverson), the shy assistant from Caspere's office, may be one of the children of the jewelry store owners from the '92 robbery. Her real name may be Laura, and she attended a previous orgy where Caspere and the younger Chessani were running their blackmail scheme.

OK, but ...

- Although the diamonds are evidence of the robbery and murder of the store owners, why, Ani wonders, would the others involved bring attention to themselves by killing Caspere?

- And why not force Caspere to give up the diamonds rather than just killing him? It's at this point that Ani throws up her hands.

- Given the way Caspere's body was mutilated, does Erica/Laura now become a suspect in Caspere's death?

- Will all or at least most of this make sense by the time the season finale airs? Let's hope so.

True Detective airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.