TV's 'Anticipointments' of 2011: Television's Biggest Letdowns of the Past Year

THR looks to the ratings, reviews and its readers for a list of the Top 12 undelivered promises of this year's television.

As one of the publications plugged into the entertainment industry, The Hollywood Reporter knows what television viewers are most looking forward to. And it’s always a bummer when all the anticipation goes unrewarded.

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This year’s list of 2011’s biggest "anticipointments” (see how we did that?) includes the shows that made the most noise only to fizzle out once it hit our TV sets, such as The CW’s Ringer or Fox’s Terra Nova.

It also includes some of the promises made by networks, producers, and executives that never really panned out, such as Simon Cowell’s goal of The X-Factor’s 20-million viewers or the promise to soap fans that All My Children and One Life to Live will live on via the Internet.

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We’ve not only looked at ratings and critical appraisals, but we’ve also looked at what our readers were most vocal about – such as the midseason benching of NBC’s Community and ABC’s Cougar Town.

Click Here for THR’s full list of TV’s biggest “anticipointments.”

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