TV Academy Allows Music Supervisors Membership

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Associated Press

Music supervisors will be able to cast their vote for the 2015 Emmys.

The Television Academy announced Friday that its board of governors has approved the membership of music supervisors in the Music Peer Group.

"The Television Academy is excited to welcome music supervisors. Extending membership to music supervisors is part of our ongoing mission to have the Academy fully engaged with the varied and diverse creative professionals contributing to today's vibrant television landscape," said Television Academy chairman Bruce Rosenblum.

Senior governor of the Music Peer Group Michael Levine added: "Music supervisors have made, and continue to make, significant contributions to television storytelling. We are delighted to be adding their voices to our membership."

Music supervisors must apply for membership by June 12 in order to be eligible to vote in both rounds of this year's Emmys. To be eligible, they must have worked on a minimum of 30 episodes (or 15 hours program length), produced or distributed for national exhibition. The individual must have collaborated with the showrunner or the primary creative team to help select and implement the music vision, tone and style for each episode or program.

Additionally, their creative contributions must include the selection of pre-existing songs for narrative use — and if called for by the script, supervising on-camera music performances and providing input with respect to newly created songs and recordings. All requirements must have been met within the four years preceding the individual's application for membership.