TV Critics Name 'Agents of SHIELD' Most Promising Fall Series

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Pilot Episodic Blue - H 2013

For the first time, members of the Television Critics Association are putting together something of a united front on the new fall season. An inaugural polling of the 220-plus journalists recently dubbed ABC's Agents of SHIELD the most promising new fall series.

Ranking series based on pilots and potential, members voted in four categories: best new show overall, best new comedy, best new drama and most promising breakout star.

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SHIELD, which was followed by Showtime's Masters of Sex (2) and NBC's The Blacklist (3) in the overall category, somehow missed out on the drama category. Top honors there went to The Blacklist -- which, oddly, bested Masters of Sex (2) despite falling behind it in the overall category. CBS' Hostages ranked third.

The top comedy race gave a wide margin of victory to Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, followed by CBS' Mom (2) and ABC's Trophy Wife (3). (The latter two combined received fewer than half of Brooklyn's votes.)

Among individual performances, the TCA dubbed Sleepy Hollow (Fox) star Tom Mison as the most likely of achieving breakout status. Rebel Wilson (ABC's Super Fun Night) and Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex) followed.

The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman will release his own top picks for the new season over at Bastard Machine later in the week.