TV Land's 'The Exes': Someone Gets Caught in the Nude (Exclusive Photo)

The Exes 2x02 Episodic Still Exclusive - H 2012
TV Land

TV Land's The Exes kicked off its second season last week, but episode 2 proves to be eye-opening.

In "What Women Want," the group's dynamic starts to shift when divorce attorney Holly (Kristen Johnston) learns a tad more about Stuart (David Alan Basche) than she ever thought possible. In an exclusive photo to The Hollywood Reporter and a sneak peek of the longer scene below, viewers know just what Holly learns -- or rather sees.

The new season sees the group attempting to adjust to each other's quirks and habits, with Holly there to avert any disasters -- or sometimes, cause them -- and Holly's assistant Eden (Kelly Stables) prying into her bosses love life.

Last week's premiere episode drew 1.24 million total viewers, up slightly from the first season finale.

Donald Faison and Wayne Knight co-star in The Exes, which airs at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land.