TV Pilot Season 2013: By the Numbers

Breakdowns by networks, studios, genres and all the trends in between as the networks order nearly 100 pilots.
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(L-R) Sofia Vergara, Michael J. Fox, Seth MacFarlane, Chuck Lorre

Following a sub-par 2012-13 season that failed to produce a true breakout hit, the five broadcast networks are banking on foreign adaptations (12 in total) traditional fare (cops! lawyers!) and high-concept genre offerings (supernatural Western The Sixth Gun) in a bid to find the next water-cooler show. Here's a look at Pilot Season 2013 by the numbers -- including the uptick in total pilots (to nearly 100), growth in single-camera offerings and some of the more interesting trends that have emerged as casting continues.

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Grand total: 98 (vs. 87 in 2012)
Drama total: 50 (vs. 42 in 2012)
Comedy total: 48 (vs. 45 in 2012)
Single-camera total: 34 (vs. 30 in 2012)
Multicamera total: 14 (vs. 15 in 2012)

ABC Networks Group president Paul Lee didn't stray far from last year's orders, holding firm with 24 pilots. The mix of fare includes a handful of adaptations -- Lucky 7, Spy and Sofia Vergara's Killer Women among them -- as well as the traditional dose of soapy offerings (Betrayal) and female-fronted entries (Murder in Manhattan).

Dramas: 12 (even with 2012)
Comedies: 12 (even with 2012)
Single-camera: 10 (vs. eight in 2012)
Multicamera: two (vs. four in 2012)
Series orders 2012: four comedies, five dramas

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Although it is unlikely that CBS will bulk up on its series orders, the network has bulked up on both its comedy and drama pilots. In addition to a big bet on single-camera half-hours (seven of the 12 comedies pilots ordered), the network appears to be betting on familiar faces with Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop, Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar's Crazy Ones, Josh Holloway's Intelligence as well as a female-fronted comedy lock from Two and a Half Men'Chuck Lorre.

Dramas: 11 (vs. eight in 2012)
Comedies: 12 (vs. eight in 2012)
Single-camera: seven (vs. one in 2012)
Multicamera: five (vs. seven in 2012)
Series orders 2012: two comedies, four dramas

The network with this season's weakest bench is looking to avoid another Mob Doctor situation, ordering more drama pilots in preparation for next year. With the femme-fronted Tuesday comedy block fizzling (and gone come spring), Fox is banking on male-dominated fare, including an Andy Samberg cop comedy from the creators of Parks and Recreation and a six-episode buddy comedy from Seth MacFarlane and his Ted co-writers.

Dramas: eight (vs. five in 2012)
Comedies: eight* (vs. 11 in 2012)
Single-camera: seven (vs. 11 in 2012)
Multicamera: one (vs. zero in 2012)
Series orders 2012: three comedies, two dramas
* includes a six-episode order for Seth MacFarlane's Dads

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After falling from first to fourth this spring, NBC is back taking swings, out-ordering all four of its competitors by a substantial amount. Among other areas of focus, the network will look to retool a comedy brand that has proved celebrated but niche, ordering such potentially broad and family friendly offerings as Michael J. Fox's untitled sitcom. Other big bets for the network include Carlton Cuse's The Sixth Gun and Rand Ravich's high-concept drama.

Dramas: 11 (vs. nice in 2012)
Comedies: 16* (vs. 14 in 2012)
Single-camera: 10 (vs. 10 in 2012)
Multicamera: six (vs. four in 2012)
Series orders 2012: seven comedies, four dramas
*includes a 22-episode order for the untitled Michael J. Fox comedy

The youth-skewing network is going decidedly broader this season, with not a single Gossip Girl-style contemporary soap among its eight drama orders. Instead, Mark Pedowitz continues to embrace his affinity for sci-fi offerings that have served The CW well this season (Arrow, Supernatural), adding potential hours, including The Hundred, Oxygen, a remake of The Tomorrow People from Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec, as well as a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries.

Dramas: eight (even vs. 2012)
Series orders 2012: five

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ABC Studios: 19, including two off-net sales (six picked up to series in 2012)
CBS Television Studios: 18 (seven picked up to series in 2012)
20th Television: 18, including 10 off-net sales (five picked up to series in 2012)
Universal Television: 16, including one off-net sale (eight picked up to series in 2012)
Warner Bros. Television: 16 (nine picked up to series in 2012)
Sony Pictures Television: 15 (five picked up to series in 2012)
Lionsgate TV: one (two picked up to series in 2012)

Foreign adaptations: 12 (seven British, three Israeli, one Argentinean, one Australian)
Book adaptations: 11 (including two from comic book properties The Sixth Gun and S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Semi-autobiographical: eight (Jim Gaffigan, Joe Port/Joe Wiseman, John Leguizamo, Kevin Biegel, DJ Nash, Adam F. Goldberg, John Mulaney, Michael J. Fox)
Film remake: two (About a BoyBad Teacher)
Blog adaptation: one (To My Assistant)
Book sequel: one (Wonderland)
Film sequel: one (Beverly Hills Cop)
Historical adaptation: one (Hatfields vs. McCoys)
Play adaptation: one (Assistance)
Ride adaptation: one (Big Thunder)
TV remake: one (Ironside)

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24 -- Female-focused pilots. Of the tally, 10 are at ABC, plus CBS' Bad Teacher, NBC's Brenda Forever and The CW's Reign, which centers on Mary as the teen grew up to become Queen of Scots.

11 -- Cop, detective and robot police shows. Among them: ABC's Doubt, about a cop-turned-lawyer; CBS' Beverly Hills Cop update; Fox's high-concept robot cop drama from Fringe's J.H. Wyman; and Fox's untitled Mike Schur/Dan Goor comedy starring Andy Samberg.

Nine-- Number of pilots with the word "friends" in its logline or title. Among them: Friends With Better Lives, Friends and Family, Holding Patterns, Undateable and Super Fun Night, among others. (Fun fact: Writers/EPs from Friends also have three pilots set up this season.)

Nine -- Single-parent comedies, including CBS' Mom, NBC's About a Boy and untitled projects from the Cullen brothers, Greg Garcia, Tad Quill and Sean Hayes, the latter of which centers on a gay man whose 14-year-old daughter moves in with him after his ex-wife moves.

Five -- Law men (and women): ABC's Betrayal and Doubt, CBS' The Advocates and The Ordained and Fox's Greg Kinnear drama Rake all feature legal eagles.   

Four -- Pilots with doctors in them, including ABC's Big Thunder, which follows a doc relocating to the famed frontier town; CBS' Jason Isaacs drama The Surgeon General; NBC's After Hours, which explores the late-shift crowd; and Hostages, which stars Toni Collette as a surgeon thrown into a political conspiracy.

Two -- Coma is the new black. Two pilots have leads who have been (or are currently in) comas: The CW's Blink features a father narrating the series from a comatose state, while NBC's Girlfriend in a Coma stars Christina Ricci as a woman who wakes up to find out she has a teenage daughter (Miranda Cosgrove) from a pregnancy she didn't know about.

Two -- Assistants are getting their due. Two pilots, Fox's To My Assistance and NBC's Assistance put the spotlight on those who keep the chaos organized. 

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