TV Ratings: 'The Affair' Premiere Has Reached 2.5 Million Showtime Subscribers

The Affair Bedroom Promo - H 2014
Steven Lippman/SHOWTIME

The Affair Bedroom Promo - H 2014

Though it may have gotten a modest start in its inaugural Sunday showing — nobody said launching against The Walking Dead and Sunday Night Football would be easy — The Affair's audience has grown considerably with multiple platforms taken into account.

Data released Friday by Showtime tout a total premiere viewership of 2.5 million subscribers. That number, which excludes the free clicks from the sampling on YouTube, includes 1.7 million viewers in live-plus-three-day returns for Sunday's multiple plays and 850,000 viewers on-demand and authenticated platforms. (The 10 p.m. premiere, by comparison, only took 507,000 live-plus-same-day viewers.)

All told, The Affair clocked the biggest live-plus-three-day lift of any premiere night in the pay cabler's history: 51 percent.

Looking at just the live-plus-three data, the second episode of Homeland clocked 2.7 million viewers for its Sunday outing. That's up from the 1.22 million that came in for the live premiere telecast.

A better picture of how both series are performing will come in November when live-plus-seven ratings are available for multiple episodes.