TV Ratings: 'Big Brother' Delivers Win for CBS

Fox is the only network that doesn't break programming for President Obama's debt ceiling announcement.

CBS won Sunday night with a strong Big Brother, which was up 12 percent versus its July 24 episode before President Barack Obama broke in to speak for about six minutes about the debt ceiling agreement. Big Brother slipped 7 percent after the speech, which could be attributed to either those who changed the channel for Obama's speech, or flipped the channel once Same Name started.

Numbers are according to fast nationals and could change due to President Obama's speech Sunday, which aired from about 8:40 to 8:50 ET on CBS, ABC and NBC. CBS slid their night, and ABC and NBC re-joined their programs in progress.

Fox is the only network that did not air Obama's brief speech. It came second place with a 1.5 demo, followed by Univision with a 1.4.

ABC earned a 1.3.The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special down 45 percent from its last episode, which aired on July 25 from 8 to 10 p.m. The finale airs Monday on ABC.

NBC was in last with a 0.8. The Marriage Ref continues to dip. It was down 10 percent from its July 24 episode.

Below, networks rated, with info on total viewers and show demos.

CBS - 1.6              
·         60 Minutes (R):  1.3, 8.8 million
·         Big Brother (President for approximately 6 min):  2.8, 8.1 million
·         Big Brother / Same Name:  1.4, 4.4 million    
·         Same Name / CSI: Miami (O/R):  1.2, 5.2           

FOX - 1.5
 ·        AMERICAN DAD (R):  0.9, 2 million          
·         BOB'S BURGERS (R):  1.0, 2.1 million          
·         THE SIMPSONS (R):  1.6, 3.6 million       
·         THE CLEVELAND SHOW (R):  1.6, 3.3 million        
·         FAMILY GUY (R):  2.1, 4.2 million
·         AMERICAN DAD (R):  1.8, 3.7 million         
ABC - 1.3                
·         America's Funniest Home Videos (R):  1.1, 4.8 million          
·         Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (President for approximately 6 min) (R): 1.1, 4.5 million
·         The Bachelorette: Men Tell All (S):  1.6, 5.4 million
NBC - 0.8        
·         Dateline (R):  0.7, 4.3 million  
·         America's Got Talent (interrupted by President Obama for six minutes) (R): 0.9, 4 million      
·         The Marriage Ref:  0.9, 2.9 million

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