TV Ratings: HBO's 'True Detective' Is Averaging 10.9 Million Viewers

True Detective Harrelson McConaughey Still - H 2013

True Detective Harrelson McConaughey Still - H 2013

True Detective is proving to be a big hit over on HBO. The eight-episode anthology, which hit a first-run high on Sunday night, is averaging 10.9 million weekly viewers.

The gross average, which includes replays, HBO Go streams and On Demand plays, is fairly huge for freshman series on the pay cable network. (HBO's most-watched show, Game of Thrones, averaged just north of 13.6 million weekly viewers in its last season.)

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First-run episodes have also improved for the series. The Feb. 23 episode pulled in 2.6 million viewers, eclipsing its 2.3-million premiere.

Comedies are also faring well after the lead-in. Girls, averaging a gross 4.3 million viewers season-to-date, brought in 916,000 on Sunday night. And Looking, which did not have the strongest start in January, has improved significantly. Sunday's episode averaged 519,000 viewers -- a series high.

Season-to-date, Looking is grossing 2 million weekly viewers.