TV Ratings: MTV Movie Awards Sink to Just 1.5 Million Viewers

Rebel Wilson MTV Movie Awards 2015 - H
AP Images

Kudos for "Best Shirtless Performance" just don't draw the kind of numbers they used to.

Not so surprisingly, the 2015 MTV Movie Awards trended downward for the second year in a row on Sunday night — this time losing nearly half of last year's already mediocre audience. The Amy Schumer-hosted telecast pulled a scant 1.55 million viewers, down from 2014's 2.8 million

The 45 percent tumble follows a 27 percent dip suffered last year, though it did air on a wildly competitive night. MTV's Movie Awards were up against the record-breaking return of HBO's Game of Thrones, not to mention a slew of other broadcast and cable outings.

But the 1.55 million haul is still disconcertingly low. How low? Bravo's Watch What Happens Live pulled more same-day viewers on Sunday night — as did Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Mad Men.